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Sweet 16

What Advice Would You Give Your 16 Year Old Self?
  • ISBN-13: 9780645040401
  • Publisher: OMNE PUBLISHING
  • Author: Lavine, Yvonne
  • Price: AUD $58.95
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  • Local release date: 03/02/2021
  • Format: Paperback (280.00mm X 216.00mm) 84 pages Weight: 560g
  • Categories: The arts [A]Photography & photographs [AJ]Photographs: collections [AJC]

A full colour coffee table book of portraits championing women over the age of 60. In her photographic essay, portrait photographer Yve Lavine explores the experiences, trials and tribulations of sixteen women over 60. Lavine, charts the year each woman was 16-years-old. Where in the world she was living and with whom. Uncovering her aspirations and lessons she’d learnt. In her interviews Lavine asked each woman to reveal the nugget of advice they’d give to their 16-year-old self if she were in the room now. The women featured are from many walks of life. Both Indigenous and other Australian born women, and migrants from around the globe. Participants were aged between 60 to 85 years. Some were 16 before the notion of the teenager was a concept. Living through the blitz in the UK, being shoeless in Australia, and hitting the 1960’s sexual revolution and Feminism head on. This small cross section of women, invites us to opens the door to enquire of the older women among us, “What was it like when you were 16?”. The book shines a light on older women’s experiences and available options, giving young women an opportunity to reflect on the experiences, wisdom and resilience of women that have walked ahead of them. “I want to give the world a glimpse of their lives, struggles and triumphs in the hopes that younger women can learn from their challenges,” said Yve. Copies of the book are available on limited release. The official launch will take place in conjunction with Valentine’s Day Feb 2021, location TBA. “Speaking with older women I intended to create a platform for older women, who feel unseen, their voices often unheard, or relegated to the side line and are rarely sort. ” said Yve.

Yve Lavine is a professional photographer with a social education background. She is passionately interested in story and what makes us tick. How we interact, and represent the multifaceted nature of groups within society. The work was part of the International HeadOn Photo Fesival in 2014. Yve has been both a student and teacher of photography for many years. She decided to pursue the dream of becoming a professional photographerin 2002. Her work reflects her interest in the essence of the story of those drawn through the lens.

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