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Postpartum Life Mum To Mum. The Sweet, The Awkward, The Perplexing

Whilst a newborn brings so much joy ... it is no secret that a Mumma’s life becomes a surreal hybrid of wild wonder & WTF! moments.

Looking down at your tired body to think, “What on earth happened here? Is this normal? Why do my boobs look so angry? Do maternity pads come in any size other than Extreme, Colossal & Boat?”

Whether it’s going to the loo for the first time, dealing with the loss of bladder control, managing leaking boobs that look scarily like a botched pair of implants, fearing the act of s-e-x, dealing with an upsetting diagnosis, or coping with boredom & gut wrenching guilt ... AFTERWARDS dives into the many unfamiliar pockets of life post birth.

With a wonderful & highly qualified team of experts in women’s health, midwifery, skincare, sexology and more ... AFTERWARDS is a gentle exploration, a warm and word driven friend & a safe place for any and all new Mums to nestle into when they’re feeling the feels of the postpartum existence. 

Tori is 31 years old & resides in Perth, WA. She is the mother of Hamish, her beautiful toddler whom she adores. A happy-go-lucky woman, the birth of Hamish truly opened Toris eyes up to the pure bliss of life as a mother… but it also introduced her to the wild ride that postpartum life brings.

A rush of emotions, questions and absolute confusions washed over Tori in her first few months of motherhood, leaving her to think … ‘why isn’t anyone else talking about this stuff!’ The newborn baby is one thing, but a mother’s mind and body is a whole other hurdle to manage simultaneously! It can be awkward, gritty, bizarre … insane! But it is a part of life! If  women can go through it together, the ride will feel so much sweeter.

Writing with Australian personnel in the media space for the last decade, AFTERWARDS is Tori’s first non-fiction piece.

Bringing lightness to life & allowing intelligent, multifaceted women to dive into her books and find effortless support is Tori’s primary aim.

* Elyse Knowles has quoted it as an essential postpartum read.
* Featured on Beyond The Bump Podcast.
* Listed on Georgia Flowers Must Have Baby Preperation List.

*Tori Johnson Bowman has worked as a writer and a creative lead within the talent management space, particularly with Elyse Knowles, for the last decade. A mother to Hamish her toddler and a writer who is dedicated to only ever speaking the relatable, honest truth (with some added humor!), Tori aspires to continually grow and nurture a community of women who want to do it all!
* Sponsoring an episode of the Nurtured Village Podcast
* Collaborating with 28 by Sam Wood -
Podcast with The Mother Tongue Instagram @wearemothertongue 
Podcast with Inspired Parenting Australia -
* Featured in the current edition of Mindful Parenting Magazine 

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