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Flutterby Baby

Forever in Our Hearts
  • ISBN-13: 9780646806150
  • Author: Rachael Tickner and Illustrated by Joanna Osborne
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  • Local release date: 20/02/2020
  • Format: Hardback (220.00mm X 155.00mm) 46 pages Weight: 260g
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Experiencing the loss of a baby, no matter what the gestation period, is truly devastating. Hearing the words, “I’m sorry there is no heartbeat is absolutely terrifying”, as Rachael Tickner, the book’s author states. Rachael is a mum and wife who lives in Queensland, Australia. She has two little boys, Ollie and Oscar but the journey to become a family of four was not an easy one. In 2013 and 2014 in the space of 5 months, they lost two Flutterby Babies. Their first son was sadly lost via a missed miscarriage and their second Flutterby Baby, through a ruptured ectopic pregnancy. Rachael and Brenton went on to have two healthy and happy boys, but the experience of loss is one that will never leave them. “You never forget. Each year when the due date passes for our little Flutterby Babies, I reflect on how old they would have been. It’s comforting to think that they are forever watching over us,” Rachael said. When going through the losses, Rachael took some time
to process her grief and didn’t see a psychologist until her fourth pregnancy with little Oscar, who is almost two years of age. During that time, she learned to open up more and talk about her losses to help others.

With ‘One in Four Women’ who experience miscarriage, Rachael hopes to raise awareness for early miscarriage. She has partnered with her chosen charity for the book, The Pink Elephants Support Network. Five dollars from every book sold will go to the charity. Flutterby Baby, Forever in Our Hearts is a 52-Page book, one which explores topics of mini chapters. Sam Payne, co-founder and Director of The Pink Elephants Support Network, said the book would be a great resource to many women and their partners. “We’re really grateful that Rachael has chosen to donate a portion of profits back to The Pink Elephants with the sale of Flutterby Baby books,” Ms Payne said. “The books will not only help women and their partners
grieving the loss of their baby to pregnancy loss but they will also help us to increase our circle of support to other
couples going through the heartache of pregnancy loss with the donations we receive.” Dedicated to Chickpea
and Chestnut, Angel Babies of The Tickner Family. The book has been beautifully illustrated with heartfelt watercolour paintings by another local Brisbane resident, Joanna Osborne, the Graphic Design, by Tanya Heath, and the gorgeous calligraphy by Charlotte Chan. Michelle Worthington was the editor of the book.

Rachael Tickner is a first-time author and a journalist, and marketing and public relations professional for 20 years. Flutterby Baby Book is a book which is very close to her heart and has partnered with her chosen charity for the book, The Pink Elephants Support Network. Flutterby Baby Book is a book that gives back and Rachael hopes that it helps raise awareness for mums and their families who have been through early pregnancy loss. The book was illustrated by Joanna Osborne and the graphic design is by Tanya Heath. The book was edited by Michelle Worthington.

* Beautiful watercolour hands and butterflies.
* Double page spreads.
* An inspring gift for any women or family you know have been through hard times.
* Partnered with The Pink Elephants Support Network and $5 dollars from every book sold will go to the charity. 
* Locally source material and creators of the book, proudly Queensland made![0]=68.ARBez509C4fxo46I-INRV78gvVfUWDIlwJTgcMg87o76m0qh60-hssK2G1p7o-VZyxn3kQyoDtuJzk1Y61WaI9dDs_o3VrKr-n0JoF3KOaz0cbYPDxLwR_25AW4H7VAsSMAb9NlKUTwYzewsvRatuVhkO4wO7VMS-eox4O8Eqm0VZxx9JM0TppMvnKnJerHYDnw18aP_H-_Rv2U4OQq6nvVq-iBXKfkzLlLFBbJAluA_5VzEbiyWRGiwIpAyzOiHSlIcdpDP54lNqQqWeW1MgV8r37vAaqdeK64rYT6R2iSmCY00abtjTiow2w63RqwkFO-QJHgE2TpmhEMDp5s  

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