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Beyond Bread & Butter

Beyond Bread & Butter: A Celebration of Sourdough is the result of a collaboration between specialists engaged in a process to create something greater than the sum of its parts. Food is the perfect place to start blurring boundaries between chefs, bakers, growers, suppliers, designers, photographers, tradespeople, and advisors. One thing we’ve learned during this process is that collaboration and sharing information is at the heart of all well-developed ideas and great relationships. Cooking and baking are processes that are shaped across years as we acquire information, experiment, experience, and share ideas. Fundamentally, like all craftspeople, we’re focused on the end result of making incredible products that enrich people’s daily lives. We envisioned this cookbook as more than a compilation of recipes - it was to be our way of demonstrating the care that goes into making sourdough bread and thoughtful, sophisticated food in any kitchen or bakery around the world. In addition, somewhere along the way we developed a deep passion for reducing food waste, beginning with waste sourdough. We believe that to be effective, the reduction of food waste needs to be considered common practice in businesses and households. In this book, every recipe used fresh or old sourdough bread as a component of the dish. We hope you see this book as something inspiring, informative, beautiful, and timeless.
Jarrod Deaton: Jarrod believes that food and beverage operations are the beating heart of our urban centres. A place to connect, indulge, or escape for a moment. They can be an environment that fuels collaboration, or a familiar space to simply enjoy a beautiful shared meal. Done well, they have the capacity to transform. On a greater scale, a well-conceived and well-executed hospitality establishment has the ability to redefine the fabric of a city, reshape perceptions and deliver remarkable experiences that stay with us for a lifetime. Jarrod believes it is his responsibility to create a positive impact on individuals and local communities by connecting people with world class food. Jarrod’s journey has seen him bump, trip, crash, stumble, fail miserably, start over, and finally build some of these wonderful businesses and partnerships over the past 18 years. His first cookbook is a beautiful representation of collaboration. Bringing together great food, people, design, photography and community spirit while subtly telling a story about sustainability and food waste. Adam McGrath – Photographer Adam began his career as a Graphic Reproducer in 1990 at one of Canberra’s Award winning printers and progressed to become their Prepress Manager. His close working environment with the design industry led Adam to work as a Finished Artist specialising in colour management, quality control, file setup and retouching for Canberra’s leading design agency. Along side this Adam was quietly pursuing his passion for photography and once he started to shoot images to supplement the limited supply of stock images his passion went from a hobby to a full blown career. As a full time photographer Adam is finally where he should be, always trying to progress and refine his skills, create new styles and techniques and most of all, constantly strive to take your project to the next level
* Strikingly similar to no other cookbook… * How to make incredible sourdough from scratch but more importantly, what to do with it once you have it - ensuring nothing goes to waste. A beautiful compilation of recipes underpinned by doing good. * Photography so good you’ll want to tear out the page and frame it.

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