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Beyond the Greek Salad

Regional Foods From All Around Greece
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This book explores foods Beyond the Greek Salad and is a follow up from Ruth’s Gourmand Awards Best in the World title, Hellenic Kanella: Memories Made in a Greek Kitchen. Offering over 90 recipes (half of them gluten-free), Ruth has documented recipes that enlarge one’s culinary horizon to what Greeks consume throughout the country and more specifically to each region. The book has recipes that are simple to prepare, heart healthy with the overabundance of extra-virgin olive oil, herbs, vegetables, seafood, and fruits. Comprising eight chapters, the book is divided by region, and each region begins with a synopsis of the region’s produce, with its history and prominent recipes to accompany thereafter. Ruth has captured and photographed Greece in a unique way, making this book a treasure not only to cook from but to have on one’s coffee table. Delve into the pages of this book and be introduced to other local foods of Greece. Be tempted by culinary delights from every region of Greece—from the Ionian Islands, sofigado (beef stew with quince, petimezi, and rosemary), psari bianco (white fish with lemon emulsion), and Venetian pastitsio; from Northern Greece, bougatsa (custard pie), koulouria (sesame bread rings), and muhallebi (milk pudding); from the Peloponnese, makaronopita (spaghetti pie), hoirino me selino avgolemono (pork and celery stew), and aginares me araka (braised artichoke stew with baby peas); from Epiros, with its abundance of pies, galatopita (milk pie), alevropita ipirotiki (yogurt and cheese pie), saganaki (sesame-coated feta), and ladopita (spiced olive oil pie); from Crete, kalitsounia lihnarakia (vanilla pastries), sfakianes pites (ricotta pancakes), and herbal teas; from the Aegean Islands, Santorini’s ntomatokeftedes (tomato fritters), kakavia (fish soup in saffron and white wine), and revithia fournou me dentrolivano (baked chickpeas with rosemary), and htapodi stin skara; from Thessalía , halva farsalon (caramel jelly), plastos (cornmeal spinach pie), spetsofai (spicy stew with peppers, white wine, and sausage), spatoula karidopita me krema (spiced walnut cake with vanilla custard), and sousamopita (sesame pie); and from Central Greece, kormos (chocolate log with honey and orange), souvlaki, tahinopita baklava (spiced tahini baklava), pagoto halva kai gaourti (halva and yogurt ice creams), and many more. Journey with Ruth through this intriguing collection of foods and pictures around Greece.
I was born in Australia to Greek parents. Passionate about traditional Greek cuisine, I set off to learn extensively about my heritage, travelling countless times to Greece and revisiting my origins. My strong ethnic heritage and love of nourishing food facilitated my switch from fashion designing to cooking, photography, and writing. With the addition of these skills I was inspired to write, photograph and document stories around the family table. Greek food, from a Greek heart!
Contents Just Some More Going Beyond the Greek Salad Πρώτο 1: Ionian Islands Interweaving Charm Δεύτερο 2: Thessaloniki The Spice Center Τρίτος 3: Peloponnese The Aromatic South Τέταρτο 4: Epiros Mountains and Milk Πέμπτο 5: Crete Rugged Beauty Έκτος 6: Aegean Islands Sea Blue Έβδομο 7: Thessalía The Valley Όγδο 8: Central Greece Fusion Foods Glossary Cook’s Notes Acknowledgments About the Author
* Book has been written by an Australian and International award-winning author. Social media presence- * * FB: Greek Food Photography (15 K followers) * INSTAGRAM: Greekfoodphotography * National Greek festivals

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