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A New Day


Written during the time of the Coronavirus pandemic, A New Day tells the story of three sisters whose lives have been upended by the chaos and disruption. Gradually turning their focus from what they’ve lost to what they have, the family discovers the joy in being together, in creativity, adventure and imagination. The three sisters and their puppy, Hamilton come to find that life’s simple pleasures are truly the most valuable. A New Day gently reassures children that difficult times will pass while encouraging them to appreciate the moment and understand the key to lasting happiness. Beautifully illustrated with vivid, uplifting images and written in a clear, rich text, it includes diary pages for children (or parents) to record their feelings, what theyre grateful for, and to write a note to their future selves as a time-capsule and an important historical record of each child’s experience during this extraordinary time. With its timeless and universal themes of perspective, appreciation and resilience, A New Day will spark powerful conversations and become an invaluable and cherished resource for children, parents and educators alike. 

Alex Ryvchin is a writer of both adult and childrens literature. He is a regular media commentator, lawyer and advocate. He is the father of three daughters. Illustrator: Anna Mardakhaeva is an illustrator and graphic designer based in Byron Bay

* Diary pages, endorsed by child psychologists and educators, highly topical and relevant, universal, excellent text for developing readers, widespread media visibility. * Featured on Weekend Sunrise. * Listed as PBSs top childrens book during the pandemic. * National and international media coverage.

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