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Renovate Your Relationship

All The DIY Tools You'll Ever Need For Your Most Important Project
  • ISBN-13: 9780646819198
  • Author: Wilson, Joanne
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  • Local release date: 02/10/2020
  • Format: Paperback (229.00mm X 152.00mm) 254 pages Weight: 420g
  • Categories: Society & social sciences [J]Psychology [JM]Psychology: emotions [JMQ]
An easy-to-read, inspiring and transformational resource for the most crucial project in your life, this blueprint is designed to meet the needs of all relationships, from those that are cruising, complacent or merely dissatisfied through to those that are highly conflicted. This is an essential reference interwoven with engaging and often amusing stories for newlyweds, oldly-weds, co-parents and anyone contemplating a relationship. Beautifully written, this entertaining book provides a wealth of insights, not only from the professional experiences of a relationship therapist but by making new developments in neuroscience relevant and practical to our relationships.
Joanne Wilson is the Relationship Rejuvenator. As a professional counsellor, neuropsychotherapist, columnist, author, speaker, radio co-host and podcaster, she is a renowned pioneer in her field. The founder of TheConfidante Counselling private practice, and Relationship Rejuvenator online resources and courses, she is passionate about inspiring dynamic and flourishing relationships that impact generations.
* Couples who take the time to review their relationship have the potential to reduce their chance of divorce by 30%. Renovate Your Relationship provides insight to an array of tools backed by neuroscience used by the experts, that you can adopt to evaluate and rejuvenate your most important project – your relationship! * Found yourself complacent, dissatisfied or trapped in an incredibly lonely marriage? Maybe you are caught in the rollercoaster of an often satisfying but also high-conflict relationship? Many couples find themselves ill-equipped and too embarrassed to seek out a reliable source to navigate their way to rejuvenate or repair their connection. Renovate Your Relationship provides a simple and effective reference guide that will exceed your expectations with entertaining and relatable examples based on extensive research and wisdom from Joanne’s relationship therapy practise. * Once in a while, an outstanding book hits the shelves that impacts generations. Renovate Your Relationship is set to be shared amongst singles and couples of all stages for many years to come. Use Joanne’s professionally researched strategies and give your children something inspiring to mentor from! * ‘Joanne Wilson hands out tools for your marriage no matter what state it is in! Newlyweds, oldly-weds, people experiencing marriage difficulties, people with a healthy marriage—everyone will find something to make their marriage stronger. Jo obviously loves helping couples and families achieve their best, no matter what that is, and her compassion, wit and experience shine in this book. Highly recommended!’ Kristin Lucas - Married 15 years and mother of three. * ‘Nothing short of brilliant! Jo expertly blends quirky humour with credible scientific knowledge and most importantly—tangible, real-life, hands-on strategies to improve every relationship no matter what stage you’re at. This book is so REAL and made me laugh, cringe and indeed take a good hard look at the best and worst of what is going on in my own relationship. Highly recommend to all!’ Megan Jantke -Married 17 years, mother of four. * ‘This is brilliant. There are so many great tips and practical steps for people to follow. This is going to be really helpful for so many couples, and maybe it will be the first step for many to stepping into a counselling room.’ A. Bueti -Married 30 years, mother of two. * ‘The book is absolutely fantastic. I love the writing, I love the anecdotes and I love the way it is presented. This is my type of book, practical and with bullet points lists!’ Tammy – Single. * ‘This book reminds us that no-one has a perfect relationship. Even the most thriving partnerships come with their challenges. Joanne gives useful, relatable and practical advice and exercises to help nurture healthy relationships. Regardless of the stage or state of your relationship, everyone will find something to take away from this entertaining and enlightening read!’ - Annemarie Married 21 years, mother of one. * Ever wished you could glean insights from the behind closed doors from a marriage therapist without leaving the house? Here is your golden opportunity. This practical and often amusing guide will step you through the essential elements and secrets from the counselling room that make great relationships flourish. * Too embarrassed and ashamed to reveal the dilapidated state of your marriage? Join Joanne Wilson on a renovation journey guaranteed to empower you with the tools to renovate and rejuvenate your most important project. Confidentially use this incredible resource in the privacy of your own home and regain the love and intimacy you deserve. * National publicity campaign by Quikmark Media with extensive coverage across print, online, radio and TV media outlets.
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