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Caught Between Two Worlds

Real Life Readings, Testimonials and Spritual Lessons, Helping Souls ontheir Spiritual Journey Through This Life

Souls are Simple. We just want to love and be loved. It is this love that knows no boundaries.

It is as Humans that we complicate our lives.


In her Memoir, Marion Weatherburn teaches us that we are all Souls.

It’s the body that dies.

Souls live on.


Internationally Accredited as a Professional of 4000+ Readings, Marion is a truly compassionate, accurate, insightful and Internationally Accredited Psychic Medium, and Spiritual Teacher of over 4000 Readings. In this, her first book, it is her incredible ability to connect with both the physical and Spiritual worlds that Marion shares in a collection of real life psychic readings complimented by testimonials and insights.


As potentially Australia’s only Psychic Medium to have ever visited the actual grave site of a person that came through in a Psychic Reading on 11.11.15, Marion takes you on a remarkable journey in her true story entitled “Geraldton in Wartime”.


A Psychic Reading in South Australia, ended with a visit to the actual crash site of the ill-fated Flight A9173 on 15 March 1943 at Yetna in Western Australia. It was here that she collected shards of shrapnel and perspex from that flight and displays them at presentations regularly.


Imagine holding these in your hand. Potential proof that there is indeed more to this life than we presently see, feel, hear, see, touch or know! Imagine.


Consider what it would be like, if you too could communicate with those passed away before us and benefit from their Spiritual wisdom to help you now, in this life where it really counts!


Marion works very closely with troubled, yet gifted Children, Teen “Angels”, their parents and teachers helping them to understand their roles in this life. By working on a Soul level with these children that mainstream medicine, schools and counselling somehow cannot seem to help, something extraordinary happens.


Marion guides you every step of the way so that you too can stay in touch with those you loved and those that loved you!


Marion touched the Souls of those in her book, let her also touch yours!

Marion is a highly respected, sort out, naturally gifted Psychic Medium that has given over 4000+ Psychic Readings in her life. Marion is now Internationally Accredited as a Psychic and has since her accreditation started accepting payment when she provides Psychic Readings. It was her own scepticism that stopped her from accepting money previously as she felt it was her Gift to others.

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