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A Delicious Bunch

Growing and Cooking with Edible Flowers
  • ISBN-13: 9780646970387
  • Publisher: ECOBOTANICA
    Imprint: ECOBOTANICA
  • Author: Brennan, Linda
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  • Local release date: 05/10/2018
  • Format: Paperback (235mm X 190mm) 160 pages Weight: 440g
  • Categories: General cookery & recipes [WBA]Vegetarian cookery [WBJ]Gardening: plants [WMP]Gardening: flowers [WMPC]Organic gardening [WMQF]
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This beautiful book shares the authors lifetime of growing, tasting and cooking with the most delicious food and flowers, both home-grown and foraged. The easy to follow organic growing guidelines and garden designs are suitable for all climates and gardening abilities. ‘A Delicious Bunch’ features a range of flowers to grace your garden and menu. Gardeners will appreciate the detailed information on over thirty treasured and exotic edible flowers, with growing notes and inspiring images that make correct identification a breeze. For the foodie, there are easy to follow recipes with mouth-watering photography for each flower that celebrate the flavours, fragrance and aesthetics of that bloom. Some of the most popular recipes are pure sensory delights that tickle the taste buds. And it’s not just Crucifix Orchid Sponges and Snap Dragon Muffins!Discover how edible flowers can be the hero of each dish, from fermented drinks such as Bougainvillea Switzel and Elderflower Fizz, to home-made Cornflower Granola for breakfast, Sunflower Pesto and Society Garlic Biscuits for a snack, to Torch Ginger and Tempe Salad. Be guided through the best Chamomile to grow for tea and cakes, the most fragrant Jasmine, the only Blue Butterfly Vine that you can eat and best way to use Dahlia flowers. From garden fork to kitchen fork, you’ll be inspired to bring edible flowers into your garden and onto your plate.

Linda Brennan is horticulturist, environmental educator and passionate greenthumb goddess. She’s a prominent horticultural figure, devoted to health and vitality through nurturing life, people and the environment. She is an inspiration for adults and children who want to grow bountiful gardens, edible flowers and organic food in abundance. Her childhood was spent wandering the bush with her parents, picking wild foods, harvesting honey and growing a huge variety of vegies and fruit in the family garden in Gippsland, Victoria. Her first garden by the age of 5 was full of her favourite foods, broad beans, peas, radish, asparagus, sweet corn and dianthus flowers. Her outdoor childhood helped to sow the seeds of a love of nature and the potential for productive gardens.As an adult, she naturally progressed from a career in midwifery into the equally nurturing field of horticulture, especially organic food, permaculture and education. In between times she also ran her own catering business, making gourmet meals for health-seeking executives and staff. She went on to teach at TAFE in Horticulture, and at several Queensland Universities in both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees around environment and sustainability.Linda has facilitated workshops for adults and children for over 2 decades. You’ll find her giving demonstrations, talks and workshops at her own garden at Ecobotanica, at libraries, eco festivals and food events such as Regional Flavours. She enthusiastically promotes the enjoyment of home-grown organic food and inspires families to grow their next meal. In her spare time, Linda sinks her hands into the soil in her own beautiful organic acreage garden where hundreds of edible, medicinal and useful plants thrive. Edible flowers feature under the orchard trees, through the vegetable patch and are dotted through the beautiful herb and cottage gardens and surround the labyrinth. Her many hives of stingless native bees and European honey bees, pollinate fruit trees and vegies, giving abundant crops.Most of the family meals originate in the garden, and are picked fresh from just metres away. Friends, family and neighbours benefit from the greenthumb in their midst.

A Delicious Bunch

History, harvest, storage, use, preserving

Maximising your garden space

                Edible flower gardens and designs

Growing Organically

Pots, soils, pH testing, seedlings, seeds, healthy plants, fertilising

Organic pest Control

                Insects and animals

Allergies and poisonous flowers

30 flowers to grow and cook

                Growing notes, recipes

Lovely little extras

Sow and harvest table

- It’s the only book of its kind on edible flowers in Australia.

- One of only 3 Finalists in the prestigious Laurels Book Awards in 2018.

- An inspiring and beautiful to read book with lavish photography.

- Linda Brennan is a well known author and eco educator, having appeared on National TV, radio and inregularly print.

- There are very few books on organic and edible flowers world wide.

- This one includes never before published notes, recipes, and inspiration for edible flowers that will appeal to cooks , cake decorators, cafes and chefs.  

- The wave of edible flowers is yet to peak. The thirst for knowledge will grow. 

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