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When I'm shining with SELF-CONTROL

Book 9

Helping children make good choices in social situations by teaching SELF-CONTROL.

‘When I’m Shining with SELF-CONTROL’ is about mastering and regulating big emotions. It is learning to be stronger within, following rules to be safe and caring for others!
This story acknowledges that we all experience a range of emotions particularly when we lose SELF-CONTROL. This book teaches how to remain calm, patient and gentle.

The ‘Shining with Light’ series:

This series has been written for young children (ages 3+) in a way that captures a child’s sense of wonder and learning, encapsulated in fun rhyme and story telling. The stories develop life skills such as friendship and social skills that children can relate to and put into practice in their everyday lives and experiences.

In this series our helper-light is depicted through a star on the chest of our friend Stellar Bear. ‘Stellar’ means constellation or star. Stars shine with light and are unique just as we are unique. When we turn on our light our true qualities can shine through. The star reflects the emotions of Stellar, and whispers trusting and true solutions when things go wrong. The star is our companion, our problem solver, our helper to make things right.

The ‘Shining with Light’ book series have been typeset in OpenDyslexic font. OpenDyslexic is a new open source font created to increase readability for readers with dyslexia. The typeface includes regular, bold, italic, and bold-italic styles. It is being updated continually and improved based on input from dyslexic users.

Wendy Mason
Dip. Teach (E.Ch.), B.Ed. (Prim.), Grad. Dip. (Mus), MA Ed.

Wendy is currently the Director of Early Learning at an Independent School in Melbourne. Her teaching experience spans the breadth of Early Childhood services, Primary schools and as a lecturer at TAFE. She has been involved in early childhood education for over 30 years.

Engaging with the professional development arena, Wendy is in demand nationally as a speaker at education conferences and events. She presented ‘Building Resilience in the Early Years’ at the Resilient Kids conference. She is also a contributing author in collaboration with other authors from the Raising Resilient Kids conference.

Whilst working collaboratively with early childhood educators Wendy has presented workshops to inspire quality programs on topics such as developing resilience, building sustainable practises, encouraging hands-on learning, benefits of nature play, emotional well-being, creating beautiful learning spaces and teaching social skills.

Wendy conceptualised and created ‘Music for Young Children’ and ‘SPLASH into Music’. This innovative children’s music program has original songs to support teaching children important life skills and send a positive message about self through singing, movement, dance and using instruments. She has also written and produced a music CD resource and presented her program in various Early Childhood settings.

Wendy is passionate about children having a strong sense of wonder and curiosity about the world we live in. She values the uniqueness of childhood and encourages hands on learning through exploration, discovery and play.

Lisa Maravelis
B.A. (Youth Affairs), Grad. Dip. (Counselling), MA (Counselling).

A counsellor and youth worker for over 25 years, Lisa has extensive experience supporting children, young people and families. A former case worker in the community sector, Lisa found her passion working with ‘complex cases’ which included assisting and advocating for homeless and disadvantaged children, young people and families.

Lisa currently works as a school counsellor at a K-12 Independent school in Melbourne where she is responsible for the welfare of students, parents and teachers, and she pioneers programs for primary and secondary students. She also works as a Carers Counsellor for a not-for-profit organisation to equip, encourage and empower those who support children on the Autism Spectrum to flourish.

Lisa is passionate about encouraging and developing the potential in children and young people, and their families, and giving them the tools they need to be the best they can be. She believes in the capacity of people to grow and become more resilient one positive choice at a time.

Lisa is married to Steven and has an amazing son. She understands the joys and challenges of raising a child on the Autism Spectrum. 

Kayleen West is an award winning children’s author, illustrator, designer and creative educator.

Her works hang in private and corporate collections around the world including the Australian Embassy in Ireland.

Since late 2009 she has worked with several publishers as author and/or illustrator.

For more about the illustrator visit

‘When I’m Shining with SELF-CONTROL’ is about:
• mastering and regulating big emotions
• learning to be stronger inside yourself
• following rules to be safe and caring for others
• how to remain calm, patient and gentle when we lose self-control
• Teaches children how to make good choices in social situations
• Teaches friendship, wellbeing and social skills
• Teaches positive values and qualities
• Incudes resilience building strategies that children can easily put into practice
• Written in fun rhyme and story-telling
• Printed in Open Dyslexic font
• Co-authored by an Early Childhood Expert and a Professional Counsellor 

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