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Real Kids, Real Play

Entertain the kids with over 150+ easy games, experiments & activitiesto do at home.

Remember the good old days? The days when a kid’s social network was formed playing kick-to-kick in the street… Where parties consisted of a sack, an egg, a spoon and a donkey’s tail… Where we sat by the radio for hours with our finger hovering on the record button to catch THAT song… When you could do silly things and there was no record of it anywhere for the world to see! A lot of things have changed since then. Others haven’t. They still want their toast cut in squares only (or is it triangles?) … and they still enjoy the paper more than the present. So, at what point did we fall in to the trap of believing that buying things makes memories? Real Kids, Real Play is about bringing real childhood back. It is the ultimate play guide for 0 to 5-year-olds. It reminds us of the copious educational and fun activities that our children can do around the home using everyday items – without you having to spend lots of money, time or effort. It is written by an exhausted Mum, for an exhausted Mum. And Dad. And Grandparent. And Carer... Inside you’ll find activities, experiments, DIY recipes and song lists that stimulate your child’s physical, cognitive and social development.

Alice Zsembery is a Melbourne mum-of-two and a maritime engineer by day. With the birth of her second child, a yard that was unusable and an energetic and ‘outdoorsy’ toddler to take care of, Alice struggled with finding activities that not only kept him busy around the home, but encouraged him to play independently, provided educational development and maintained his attention span for longer than the time it takes to change a newborns nappy. Alice quickly became frustrated with the lack of books that encouraged play at home without too much focus on crafts (oh, the mess), huge setup times or a large investment in materials. Fuelled by a desire to reduce the clutter in her house and increase her children’s engagement levels, as well as find solutions for grandparents and carers who may lack the energy or means to purchase toys and activities, Alice started searching for solutions. What ensued was two years of researching and testing a range of fun, educational and easy play activities and STEM experiments that could be done with household items. Her criteria for activities were that they must only use items found around the everyday home and must take no longer than 5-10 minutes to set up. Alice also insisted that each activity was tested by real children (i.e. her children or close friends) to ensure they engage the children and, as importantly, to enable the activities to be depicted through photographs (let’s face it, which busy mum has time to read a novel?). Since the release of her book, Alice has been asked to speak at a variety of training and professional development days and has been recognised by parenting authority, Maggie Dent, as well as being invited onto Channel 9’s Today Show. Alice is driven by a desire to make the life of every juggling parent, grandparent and carer simpler and easier. In an era where parents cannot escape advertising and ongoing comparisons with each other, she hopes to help alleviate the mental and financial burden on so many already stretched parents to keep spending on children’s toys and instead focus on creating memories. Her dream would be to get this book into the hands of every juggling parent, grandparent and carer and bring back that good old-fashioned play. She honestly believes that in providing parents with a quick-resource to reference, it may just contribute to easing the mental, physical and financial burden felt by so many parents (and other carers) these days and help them remember that the best play is, in fact, simple.

* A one-of-a-kind book that helps reduce the financial pressure on parents by demonstrating easy, quick and engaging play experiences that utilise common household items. * Endorsed by Parenting Authority Maggie Dent including the comment “it needs to be found!!”. * Wide market appeal: first time parents, second and subsequent time parents who already have every ‘thing’ they need, children’s birthdays, grandparents who regularly care for grandchildren, early childhood educators and specialists. * Perfect present for a first time Mum, or a Mum who already has it all. * Has received endorsement from a number of childhood specialists including paediatric speech pathologists and occupational therapists, kindergarten and ECEC teachers, primary teachers. * The highly visual content and the core principle that each activity must be displayed through imagery, increases child engagement and ensures that it is suitable for all. * It is a product with longevity that provides play inspiration which extends into the primary years (5+ years of use). * Its use of common household items reduces waste and encourages reuse. * Aligned with current early childhood studies which focus on the need to build the capacity of each and every parent to create constructive and useful play experiences. * Real Kids, Real Play has been recognized as a resource to support the grandparents who are now estimated to constitute approximately 25-30% of regular care for pre-school aged children and may lack the financial or physical means to engage in activities outside of the home. * Invaluable resource for parents for first years of life.





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