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Hello Grief - Be My Friend

A journey into finding light after loss
Everything changed for Robina Haines on the afternoon of the 25th September 2015. The knock at the door changed her life irrevocably. She was told that her husband had passed away on a remote BHP mine site he worked on in the north of WA. The jigsaw of her life was smashed and what followed was a rapid spiral into the world of grief. Slowly picking up the pieces of her fragile, fractured home life another blow was to be dealt when Robina was diagnosed with Breast Cancer less than 12 months later. ‘Hello Grief – Be My Friend’ is a personal account of all the emotions a family can go through in the event of an adverse situation like a sudden death. It also includes a contact guide at the back of the book which gives information on everything from cancer networks to coroner’s information. There is also a checklist of all the things a person may have to deal with when a sudden death happens. The book also talks of coping mechanisms. How to make some positive changes in your life and build resilience within a family. It is a book that can be read and understood by everyone. It is relatable to many situations and it aims to help those who are looking for a way out of a black hole. Hello Grief – Be My Friend is a must read for everyone. Ultimately grief is experienced by everyone. Learning, appreciating and respecting grief’s impact and processes on us, and coming to terms with them, is one of the most valuable lessons we could ever have.
Robina Haines lives in Perth Western Australia, however she grew up in the wheat belt area in rural Western Australia. Her husband Nigel was from farming heritage but later went into the mining industry. The family had settled and had three young children when Robina received the news that her husband had tragically died on the minesite he worked on. With limited resources and lack of published, available books relating to her situation, Robina started documenting the experiences she and her family experienced from the day the tragic news was delivered. Less than a year later, Robina was diagnosed with breast cancer. The second half of the book talks of her journey through a cancer battle. Hello Grief - Be my friend took nearly three years to complete. It is a raw record of exactly what happens to a family when a loved one dies. In keeping with this theme, her second book, My Star was written. This is story of her youngest son and his interpretation of losing father and coming to terms with it. This is also a true record. Two more books are in production. These are also books that help in the journey of a cancer diagnosis and to help the bereaved.
* Every 3 minutes and 19 seconds there is a death in Australia. EVERYONE experiences grief or adversity at some stage in life so the market for this book is far reaching. * There are minimal books on this subject on shop shelves that are this easy to read and for ANYONE who is dealing with adversity in their life (I know this as I couldnt find any when going through the darkest hours) 3. I talk from a real life journey with simple, easy to understand tips that can help the everyday person. * In 2019, it is estimated that 396 new cases of cancer will be diagnosed each day in Australia. This is huge potential readership. * Regional WA tour with plans to tour the Eastern States in 2020. * Two page spread in the STM Magazine lift out (Sunday Times magazine) on the journey of Hello Grief - Be My Friend. * Two page spread on Robina Haines' journey and subsequent writing of Hello Grief - Be My Friend in The West Magazine Lift Out (The West Australian Saturdays Edition). * Three page spread Ripe Magazine. This is the monthly liftout magazine in the Farm Weekly which is Australian Distributed. Through this I have developed a strong following in regional areas and regularly travel to communities to guest speak. I have been offered another interview in 2020. * 6PR interview as a guest on the Chris Ilsley Show which talked about the journey of Hello Grief Be My Friend. 6PR have offered me a follow on interview in 2020. * Two page feature lift out in the Womans Day 'Its your Day' magazine. This article talks on both books, Hello Grief - Be My Friend and My Shining Star. This was the turning point of knowing I had to get my books into store as I had a staggering amount of public interest all over Australia. I am hoping for another article in 2020 when I know where my books will be stocked. * ABC regional radio interview on the morning show with Dominique Bayens. I have now done 2 interviews on the Morning Show talking about both books. I have been offered a live, in studio talkback interview in Perth in early 2020 to discuss my books and to discuss my third book which is soon to be published. * Waiting to hear from 3 prominent stations in Perth which have expressed an interest for 2020 and also A major Australian lifestyle show who have expressed an interest for 2020 and have informed me I would be contacted when scheduling was released. * Full Production Podcasting. I have done my first podcast with Full Production which is a podcaster that streams to all the minesites in Australia and New Zealand. I have been offered a series of 5 to discuss my books and my journey.
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