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Food used to be grown on a farm. Now it’s made in a lab. Gone are the days of being able to blindly trust that what we eat is actually good for us. Savvy marketers have fed us a “diet of misinformation” that has manipulated us into thinking we are eating more healthfully than we truly are. The result? An overweight, undernourished and unhealthy population. In Lab to Table, Cyndi O’Meara, Australia’s leading nutritionist, reveals the truth behind the food industry’s deceptive marketing practices, teaches us how to heal our bodies by replacing favourite foods with satisfying healthier alternatives, and challenges us to break the cycle of mindless, unhealthy eating.

Cyndi O’Meara is leading a rebellion through nutritional education. She is a bestselling author, a world-renowned speaker and the creator of the documentary feature What’s With Wheat? She is the founder of Changing Habits, an Australian-based whole foods company that is committed to reimagining how our food is produced, classified, and marketed. She is also the creator of The Nutrition Academy, an organisation that aims to simplify the complexity surrounding our understanding of health and nutrition. A multiple award winner, Cyndi has been named one of the Australian Financial Review and Westpac 100 Women of Influence, and The Sunshine Coast Sustainable Business Woman of the Year.

* The ORIGINAL book about real food for health. * Written by Cyndi O’Meara, an influential nutritionist, filmmaker and speaker with over 40 years of experience. * Cyndi wrote this book following the success of her local newspaper column in which she revealed the truth about foods considered daily staples. Given that the food manufacturers didn’t want us to know these truths (and still don’t to this day), the column was somewhat controversial. But Cyndi believes everyone has the right to know EXACTLY what they’re eating and that ‘health food’ should actually be healthy. * From this book, Changing Habits, Cyndi’s successful family-owned company, was born. It is redefining the education of whole foods through values of purity, truth and progression on a mission for generational health. * Discover how to quickly and simply choose the best possible version of foods to embrace a nourishing way of eating and living. Become educated on what foods work best for your own body, how chemicals and processing affect the gut, in turn leading to illness, often chronic disease. * Cyndi explains ingredients and food processing, chemically created ‘food’ and discusses with thorough research and facts, now common issues such as food intolerances, diabetes, behavioural issues and obesity. * Become empowered to make critical food choices suitable for you, changing simple habits to lead you and your family to better overall health. Changing Habits believes everything starts and ends with food.

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