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    Make Money Simple Again

    Financial peace in less that 10 minutes a month
    Life has become so fast-paced and complicated. Through technological innovation, we’re connected 24/7, we’re busier than ever before and finding it hard to balance all aspects of our lives – not least the family budget! Best-selling authors Bryce Holdaway and Ben Kingsley’s new book offers a simple, proven approach that will make money simple again, helping you to spend less than you earn so that you can save and invest for your financial future. History leaves clues; back in the day our grandparents would receive cash (remember that?) in a paper pay-packet (I kid you not), then they would physically set aside the dollars to ‘rent/mortgage’, ‘food and bills’ and ‘savings’ – often in those old-fashioned flour jars – one for each area of expense. It was simple, and it worked. Bryce and Ben’s teachings draw on this proven logic of allocating income to various financial commitments, both short and longer term, ensuring you have the right amount of money for today, but just as importantly for tomorrow. Of course, in our grandparents’ days, there was no ‘tap and go’, no credit cards, store cards or one-click purchasing, all geared to take our money from us. The authors recognise that all these options challenge our financial willpower, but their experience, from working with thousands of people, in all stages of life, over almost two decades prove that their system works. The MoneySMARTS money management system outlined in this amazing new book, cuts through the today’s challenges of digital (invisible) money, to showcase a proven, rules-based approach to ensure you are in complete control of your finances. In Make Money Simple Again they will show you how to: • Know where your money goes • Take control of your spending • Trap your cash flow surplus each month • Pay off your debts sooner • Ensure you don’t leave any ‘money on the table’ • Make every dollar work harder for you • Pay for holidays, kids’ education, property and other big-ticket items • Achieve total control of your money in this new age and invest for your financial future. Using their MoneySMARTS system, will give you financial peace in less than 10 minutes a month!
    BEN KINGSLEY is the founding director of Empower Wealth – a specialist money, finance and property advisory firm with offices in both Melbourne and Sydney (one of the BRW Fast 100 Companies in 2016 and 2017). His insights and commentary into the property, lending and personal financial management are sought after by leading broadcasters and publications’ editors across Australia.Ben appears frequently on national television networks, from Channel 9, Sky News to the ABC. He has been interviewed by the Australian Financial Review, The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald. He has also been interviewed on ABC radio, 3AW, 2GB, 4BC and written articles for national and online publications such as Money Magazine, Your Investment Property, and Property Observer. Ben’s qualifications include a diploma of Finance – Mortgage Broking, Associate Diploma Business, Qualified Property Investment Advisor (QPIATM), and Licensed Real Estate Agent in Vic., NSW, Qld and SA. Ben was awarded the Property Investment Adviser of the Year in 2014 and 15, and runner up in 2016, before stepping back from advising clients directly and building up a team of leading advisers. BRYCE HOLDAWAY is co-host of the ABC’s prime-time ‘Escape from the City’, he is co-host of ‘Location Location Location Australia’ on Foxtel’s Lifestyle Channel as well as a partner of Empower Wealth. Bryce is a qualified Financial Planner and Property Investment Adviser, he holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting), a Diploma in Financial Services (Financial Planning) and a Full Real Estate Agent Licence. Passionate about wealth-building education, Bryce has contributed to eight cover stories with Money Magazine and is a regular keynote speaker, including at the Certified Practising Accountants (CPA) Congress nationally and internationally; the Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth Property Shows, and numerous other professional events around the country. Bryce prides himself on making complex financial concepts simple and easy to understand.
    Preface Part I – Call to adventure Chapter one – The journey begins Chapter two – Crossing the threshold Chapter three – You're not alone Part II – MoneySMARTS Chapter four – Money on the table Chapter five – A simple seven-step process Chapter six – The power of the surplus Part III – The return of simple money Chapter seven – What’s at stake? Chapter eight – Financial peace Chapter nine – Case studies Conclusion
    (1) Best-selling authors of 'The Armchair Guide to Property Investing' -- sales of more than 7,000 copies (2) The authors are presenters of phenomenally successful podcast, Property Couch’ podcast (with over 3 million downloads and featured on, Qantas and Jetstar) and Bryce Holdaway is a presenter on ABC’s prime-time ‘Escape from the City’, and co-host of ‘Location Location Location Australia’ on Foxtel’s Lifestyle Channel (3) People are confused by money and where to go to get help and advice, the approach outlined in the book is proven and easy to follow.
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