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Mum, Can I Eat This?

A collection of my recipes to share with anyone who requires lowfructose, low FODMAP, sucrose free, gluten free, and low or no lactose
  • ISBN-13: 9780648402480
  • Publisher: PUBLISH CENTRAL
    Imprint: CASEY ELLIS
  • Author: Ellis, Casey
  • Price: AUD $25.95
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  • Local release date: 14/11/2018
  • Format: Paperback (254.00mm X 203.00mm) 160 pages Weight: 480g
  • Categories: Cookery / food & drink etc [WB]Cooking for/with children [WBQ]Cooking & food (Children's / Teenage) [YNPC]Australia [1MBF]
Table of

Mum, Can I Eat This? is a great everyday cookbook for families dealing with their children’s food intolerances. It has tasty recipes and useful tips. This book will also be a great help over Christmas and at other special events, and for when parents are starting out and dont know what to cook with the limited ingredients.

Usually, those who suffer from food intolerances have no option but to eat blander foods or miss out all together. Not any more. Mum, Can I Eat This? is a great everyday cookbook for families dealing with their children’s food intolerances. It has tasty food and useful tips, and recipes for both everyday use and special occasions.

When Casey Ellis’s children began to experience food intolerances, she found there was a lack of credible information and cookbooks that catered for children. And most of the recipes she did find, her children would never eat because they didnt taste quite right.

To ease the pain and frustration of food intolerances in her family, Casey took to the stove. After much trial and error, she has created a degree of normality in her children’s lives, and it tastes amazing! She has published this collection of recipes to share with other families.

All ingredients in this book have been approved by an Accredited Practising Dietitian.

Casey Ellis is not a qualified dietitian, nurse, researcher or doctor. So how is she qualified to write this cookbook? She is a mum who for the last four years of her life she has lived, breathed and dreamt about low fructose and FODMAP foods, lactose, sucrose and gluten intolerance, as well as IBS. She has read countless books and research documents. She must get it right as if she makes a mistake with her cooking then she has unintentionally made her children sick. She has learnt to use the ingredients and balance what her children can tolerate, and has done her best to make sure that they miss out on as little of life’s pleasure as possible. This book is the culmination of four years of throwing food in the bin because her kids wouldn’t eat it. Best of all, she knows what kids like and believes she has created a great set of recipes with a challenging set of ingredients. 

Introduction 1

Our story 3

Hints and tips 13

Master ingredients list 15


Beef stock 18

Chicken stock 20

Cucumber and cherry tomato salad 21

Crusty crumbed chicken legs 22

Beef tacos 24

Chicken noodle soup 26

Chicken soup 28

Cottage pie 30

Egg and chive pasta with lamb cutlets 32

Fettucine carbonara 34

Homemade hamburgers 36

Lamb stew 38

Lasagne 40

Mini pizzas 42

Moussaka 44

Oven spaghetti 46

Peri peri chicken 48

Pumpkin soup 50

Red chicken 52

Red spaghetti and meatballs 54

Rice paper rolls 56

Roast lamb, veggies and gravy 58

Savoury rice 60

Spaghetti Bolognese 62

Stuffed capsicums 64

Meatballs and salsa dip 66

Tomato salsa 67

Meat sauce and rice 70

Tomato, cheese and chive muffins 72

Tuna mornay 74

Tuna salad 76


Anzac biscuits 80

Chocolate biscuits 81

Gingernut biscuits 82

Shortbread biscuits 84

Vanilla biscuits 85

Baked custard 86

Banana and blueberry cake 88

Banana milkshake 90

Caramel milkshake 91

Chocolate milkshake 92

Strawberry milkshake 93

Caramel sundae 96

Chocolate sundae 97

Banana split 98

Blueberry crumble 100

Custard 102

Blueberry jam 103

Raspberry jam 104

Strawberry jam 106

Caramel sauce 107

Chocolate sauce 108

Chocolate brownies 110

Chocolate cupcakes 112

Vanilla cupcakes 113

Vanilla and blueberry cupcakes 116

Banana ice-cream 117

Chocolate ice-cream 118

Passionfruit ice-cream 119

Vanilla ice-cream 120

Fruit and marshmallow skewers 122

Chocolate mousse 124

Lemon slice 126

Marshmallows 128

Peanut brittle 129

Toffees 130

Mixed berry and banana sorbet 132

Blueberry cheesecake 134

Raspberry cheesecake 135

Strawberry cheesecake 138

Orange fizzy drink 139

Orange and lemon fizzy drink 140

Pancakes 142

Pavlova with passionfruit cream 144

Rumballs 146

Scones with strawberry jam and cream 148

Vanilla and chocolate marble cake 150

Sweetened condensed milk 152

Whipped cream 153

Cook’s notes 154

Meal plans 154

Index 155

Acknowledgements 156

1. Usually, cookbooks just cater for one or two intolerances, but this book can be helpful for people with fructose intolerance, lactose, gluten and sucrose intolerance, IBS or people who just want to get rid of table sugar.

2. The recipes taste a lot like the food that people could eat before they had any intolerances. 

3. The recipes are simple foods that children love.

4. The author has cut down on steps to save time for busy parents. 

5. While the focus is on food for kids, adults with intolerances can also get great value from the book.

6. This book is written by a mum who has had to deal with these issues in her own family.

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