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    The Languages of Leadership

    How to use your words, actions and behaviours to influence your team,peers and boss

    Many of us have issues trying to lead disparate teams with multiple personalities, colleagues with conflicting agendas and bosses with minds of their own.  The questions we often ask ourselves are:
    •    How do I manage my team leaders to work together without having to reinvent the wheel, to learn from and leverage each other’s experience without getting competitive, and to be more effective in managing the performance of their own teams?
    •    How do I manage my peers to have productive and positive relationships, to make decisions more effectively without being dragged into the detail or office politics and to be more focused putting aside individual agendas?
    •    How do I manage my leader to stop making big promises to my team that I know they won’t deliver on, to give me the space I need to get my job done and to be open to my ideas and be willing to support them?
    Once upon a time, it was enough just to lead your team and that was it. But organisations today are more complex, departments are vast, reporting structures are multi-faceted. As leaders, we are expected to manage so many different relationships at so many different levels in an organisation, that it can feel as if we need multiple personalities just to stay sane. 

    Even if you really like your job and the people you work with, there are so many things that need to get fixed. You can see the potential of the organisation, your function and your people, if only you could all get out of the way and get things done!
    The answer is to learn to master the languages of leadership. This will ensure you become an active, directive and perceptive leader, with the skills to influence and lead in today’s workplace.
    Packed with simple, practical tools and techniques you can action and implement every day, this book will teach you to make small changes that will have a big impact, both individually and organisationally.  
    When you learn to balance the languages of leadership you start to get yourself noticed, to manage anyone at any level and to build your reputation in the market as one of the best leaders in your industry.  

    Wendy Born helps leaders maximise their talent and strengths to achieve extraordinary results. As an engaging facilitator, coach, speaker (and now author) she works with executives, senior leaders and leadership teams to create high-performance organisations that deliver that WOW-factor.  
    Wendy is a highly experienced and recognised coach. She has more than 25 years of experience in corporate and management roles, including 10 years in senior leadership positions in finance, IT, retail, financial services, communications and government.  
    She also holds qualifications in human resources, finance, operations management and is a certified personal and professional coach. Plus, Wendy is a graduate from the Harvard Kennedy School, Executive Education in 21st Century Leadership.


    Chapter 1: I am the master of my own destiny

    Chapter 2: I can transform from isolated to inspiring


    I am an Active Leader

    Chapter 3: I am courageous

    Chapter 4: I am strong

    I am a Directive Leader

    Chapter 5: I engineer the world around me

    Chapter 6: I abdicate for others

    I am a Perceptive Leader

    Chapter 7: I trust and am trusted

    Chapter 8: I can be vulnerable


    Chapter 9: I can balance the act

    Final words

    *origainal take on managing up as well as down and on your own level; *increased  interest in soft skills of leadership;  * Full of interesting case studies and practical tools 

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