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Stand Tall

A Journey From Boy to Man to Master
Growing up with fear and shame as constant companions, Andrew Dickinson knows firsthand the struggles of life and finding meaning in the midst of it all. When faced with insurmountable difficulties and incredible odds stacked against him, he simply wouldn’t give up and kept going when others quit. A challenging childhood with strenuous relationships set him on a journey to discover the questions about the nature of our existence, the unspoken longings of every person’s heart. Andrew started a journey to answer deeper questions like ‘Who am I’ and ‘What is my purpose?’ which resonate with everyone not satisfied with what life has on offer. A true Aussie and a fighter at heart, Andrew discovered the martial arts at the age of 17 which became a vehicle for not only learning to fight but also the development of his spirit. His relentless pursuit of becoming one of the best in martial arts took him all over the globe. His martial arts career saw him travel from Australia to the United States, South Korea, Thailand, the Philippines and many other countries to perfect his skills. However, his focus was always on training for a greater purpose and gaining a greater understanding of himself. The highlight was his time spent in Japan, a country he had been fascinated with as a child, to find a new depth of martial arts. The power of the lessons he learned there continue to shape Andrew’s life today. In fact, it was the turning point of his life. Each experience taught him a new lesson which Andrew uses to pass on an important life skill which has profound meaning and carries importance for everyone wanting to learn the true meaning of life. When Andrew was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease he used his rich life experience to turn this dreadful diagnosis into something to learn and grow from. He refused to let his life be characterised and overshadowed by this chronic and progressive neurological disease that affects millions of people worldwide. Instead, Andrew has chosen to approach his disease as yet another challenge in life which he faces head on. He regards Parkinson’s as just a part of a bigger picture of his life where his diagnosis, though potentially devastating, set him free and enabled him to finally live his life. Andrew’s motto is that if you face your challenges head on, regardless of the outcome, you can always stand tall. This book is a message of hope, love and peace showing that no matter what we are faced with in life, living your truth will guide you to a deeper understanding of who you are and, ultimately, peace.
Andy is the founder and head of Northstar Ju Jitsu (NSJJ). He has spent more than 38 years training, competing and researching all aspects of martial arts and personal wellbeing worldwide. He is passionate about teaching martial arts as a legitimate path to understanding oneself and helping his students to see the link between training in the dojo and living a courageous life. Andy has established a network of like-minded senior students who have gone on to teach Northstar Ju Jitsu within their own dojos, making NSJJ accessible throughout Sydney and Perth. He has also written and recorded a thorough online NSJJ Academy that adds a new dimension to the quality of how martial arts is taught and allows Northstar Ju Jitsu to be studied anywhere in the world. An author of several eBooks and a prolific blogger, Andy presents education on a multitude of topics related to martial arts and life. Above all, Andy finds his greatest inspiration teaching all levels of students at his beautiful dojo in the heart of Sydney’s inner west. His method of teaching is fun and he inspires the students to do their best by motivating them in a positive way at all times. Sydney, NSW.
* A memoir by a marital art's expert who develops Parkinson's Disease. * Written as an inspirational book aimed at men and boys. * Women will buy this book for their husbands and sons. * A national PR campaign by Debbie McInnes, DMCPRMEDIA including men's magazines, major newspapers, radio, commercial and ABC, television and social and online media. * Botanic Art Society of Australia newsletter.

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