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The Magic Trampoline & The Smelly Penguin Poop-house

This adventure series for 4 - 9 year olds is a true fun and adventure story that was the Author's real bed time story for his four children (all boys). In this - Volume 2 - the family attempts to return Misty the Alien to her home planet - Planet Tiny. Baz - the cheeky boy plays with the Magic Trampoline's remotre control and adjusts the setting - instead of Planet Tiny they fly to the South Pole. As the boys were still in their pyjamas they seek the help of some smelly magic talking penguins to keep them warm. More problems occur when the penguins front door is to small for them to get in! Never mind - the penguins decide to build a house - out of themselves - by stacking on each others shoulders. Well - that's a recipe for disaster and the rest is history as they say. Nevertheless - after bursting out of the penguin's poopy house - they still have the energy for a game of soccer! Unfortunately, while getting ready to go home - one of the penguins sneaks into Dad's backpack - nows ther is two critters in the boys front yard hiding behind the cubby house. Come along for the ride and join the fun as this family attempts to take all the creatures back to their homes!
Kieren Fitz-Gibbon has great runs on the boards when it comes to storytelling. He is the father of four boys - current age 2, 5, 7, and 9. Bedtime storytime was and is a daily feature of the family household, and although books are great, Kieren invented his own magical storytime. Hence, The Magic Trampoline was born. Kieren has told hundreds of different Magic Trampoline adventure bed time stories for his children. He focusses on ensuring the children use their imagination - asking them where they want to go, who they want to see, and what they want to do when the adventure is underway. Many suggestions are incorporated into the stories, and hence the boy's imaginations run wild. Kieren holds a degree in engineering and an associated Masters Degree. But these don't go near to qualifying him for story telling! Actually - these are very poor qualifications (engineers aren't traditionally very imaginative). Trial and error in story telling over numerous years, and wanting to provide a wonderful and uplifting upbringing for his children are the only qualifications needed. Kierne continues to raise his four children - with his wonderful wife and mother of four, and bedtime storyime is always a wonderful experience!
* A wonderfully illustrated picture book where adventure is the name of the game, and kids using their own imagination to the fullest is highly encouraged. * Full of humour and adventure, The Magic Trampoline series takes kids on fantastic journey's that are only limited by their imaginations. The adventures of Haz, Chaz, Baz and Maz are always encouraged and supported by their father (who comes along as well of course!), sending the beautiful message that play and imagination is something that can include us all, regardless of age. * The story of the Author's four real life children (all boys) and the bedtime story he told them many times. * Wonderfully told and illustrated with unique and and quirky characterisations, these books are a wonderful addition to the kids shelves! * Facebook page advertising. * Book store readings. * Library readings. * Pre-school readings.

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