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Ups and Downs

A book for kids about big feelings

All feelings are important - the magical, the messy, and the in-between. Sometimes though, big feelings can have us behaving in ways that aren’t so, let’s say... shiny. This happens to all of us. The more young people understand how and why, the more they can build the capacity to feel their feelings and manage them in positive ways. ‘Ups and Downs’ draws on Polyvagal Theory, a widely accepted neuroscientific theory, to support young people to understand why they feel and do as they do, and how to do differently when they need to. Driving brains and bodies isn’t easy! It takes time, experience, and the right information, so let’s give them that. 

Karen began her career as a psychologist and now consults with parents, schools, government bodies, and child and adolescent focused organisations both at home in Australia and overseas. She is the founder of Hey Sigmund at, an internationally popular online resource that provides contemporary, research-driven information on anxiety, parenting, and the neurodevelopment of children. She has written five books, including the bestselling ‘Hey Warrior’. The books have been translated into multiple languages and are used extensively in homes, schools, and therapeutic settings throughout the world.
Nora graduated from art school in Lithuania and completed a bachelor’s degree in fine photography at the Vilnius Design College. Ever since she can remember, she has been fascinated by children’s storybooks, especially creative illustrations. She creates whimsical characters with big round eyes and unique personalities. For her, watercolor is the ideal medium fulfilling her sense of creative satisfaction. Nora creates intricate patterns and details with an ink pen working to expose her own dreamlike version of reality. You can find her works at 

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