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Timeless On The Silk Road

An Odyssey From London To Hanoi

‘It’s more than just a long motorcycle trip…’
TONY WHEELER – co-founder Lonely Planet

After riding her motorcycle across Africa, Heather Ellis is diagnosed with HIV in London after having the test for a Russian visa. She is thirty years old and is given five years to live. It is 1995, when death from AIDS is inevitable.
Timeless On The Silk Road is the story of what happens next.
What unfolds is a journey of courage, hardship and immense natural beauty as she rides along the fabled Silk Roads of antiquity to Australia. Believing this is her last adventure, her one last search for meaning, Heather’s journey ultimately becomes one of destiny. Infused with a deep spiritual power, it is also a story that leaves the reader considering their own ‘time less’ journey called life.
Heather travels into Central Asia after the fall of the Soviet Union where she crosses deserts and is touched by the ancient world of Islam. She rides into the land of the heavenly mountains and discovers the ancient traditions of the nomads. She ventures into the vastness of Siberia’s Altai mountains where she is welcomed into the homes of Kazakhs and Russians alike. And in China, she is repeatedly told there will soon be a new world order.
Timeless On The Silk Road is Heather’s eagerly anticipated second book and follows Ubuntu: One Woman’s Motorcycle Odyssey Across Africa (Nero, Black Inc. 2016).

Heather Ellis is the author of two travel memoirs: Ubuntu: One Woman’s Motorcycle Odyssey Across Africa (Black Inc., 2016) and Timeless On The Silk Road: An Odyssey From London to Hanoi (Phonte Publishing, 2019).

Ubuntu details Heathers epic motorcycle journey from south to north Africa from 1993 to 1994 (endorsed by Cheryl Strayed. Named a best motorcycling book of all time by Book Authority). Timeless On The Silk Road details her solo motorcycle odyssey along the fabled Silk Roads of antiquity in 1997. Both memoirs are filled with survival-against-the-odds adventures that unfold as deeply spiritual journeys of personal growth.

After Africa, when Heather reached London, she worked as a motorcycle courier and a year later in September 1995, was diagnosed with HIV. She was still healthy and only had a test as a requirement for a three-month Russian visa. It was before effective medications were discovered: a time when death from AIDS was inevitable. But she refused to relinquish her travel plans to ride through Central Asia. A year later, she arrived home near death with AIDS. But was saved as a new generation of medications had just been discovered.

Heather lives near Melbourne, Australia, with her three children, where she is writing her third book, a novel. And she still rides motorcycles. She is also the current Chair of Positive Women Victoria, Australia’s only fully funded support and advocacy group for women living with HIV.

* Inspirational travel memoir.
* Silk Roads of Central Asia - popular travel destination.
* Endorsed by Tony Wheeler - co-founder of Lonely Planet.
* Timeless On The Silk Road is the authors second book after Ubuntu: One Womans Motorcycle Odyssey Across Africa (Black Inc. 2016), reprinted in 2017, 2018, 2019. Listed as bestseller on Amazon and awarded one of best motorcycling books of all time by Book Authority (based on sales and online mentions).
* Featured on ABC Radio National Conversations. Author interviewed by Sarah Kanowski. Conversations podcast is downloaded 1 million times per week.
* Feature in Take 5 magazine will be read by nearly one million readers.
* Author part of ABC TV YCAT episode on HIV screened in March 2020. Authors books mentioned. Pre-publicity may result in ABC TV Breakfast interview.
* Timeless On The Silk Road has received numerous positive reader reviews on Amazon and Good Reads.
* Reader reviews can be viewed at

* ABC RN Conversations - July 2019.
* ABC Far North - Oct 2019.
* ABC Hobart - Nov 2019.
* AMCN motorcycle magazine April 2019.
* Motorcycle Trader magazine - April 2019 and June 2019.
* Traverse magazine - April 2019 and June 2019.
* Talk Radio Europe - April 2019.
* USA online motorcycle magazines various.
* Adventure Rider Radio Podcast - May 2019.
* Full details of all publicity visit:

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* Take 5 magazine - 24/01/2020.
* ABC TV You Cant Ask That - March 2020.
* ABC 774 - Sundays with Libbi Gorr (December 2019 - date tbc).
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* ABC TV Breakfast - January or March - date tbc
* Take 5 Article - issue 14 for April 2nd.
* You Can’t Ask That will be screened on ABC mid March.


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