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Billy and Harry go to the beach (Book 3)

Billy is a wonderful horse and Harry is a lovely playful dog, they have many adventures with Ben who is 10 and Lisa who is 8. They go to the beach on this adventure and have a wonderful time. Stay tuned for their next exciting adventure
I am a 4 time best seller. People follow my books across the country. 3 of my other books are in stores and I have written 3 more, all will be promoting this one. It took me a month to write, but many hours were spent on it in that month, it is my new passion. Beautiful pictures and suitable for literacy programs in schools.  I wrote it as a legacy for my children. It is part of a whole series, its the 3rd book in a (so far) 7 books series. My publicist, I will be getting it into schools around the country, promoting it heavily on social media and in my 6 other books there will be a link to it

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