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Woodslane 2020 Travel and Outdoor Catalogue

July Seventeenth

Kayla Ng is a good girl who wants to please her parents but she is also a ‘Dragon’ in Chinese astrology and has a fire within her. When she is sent to Australia from her homeland of Malaysia she studies hard to fulfill her parent’s dream of her becoming a doctor. She makes two lifelong friends: Eva and Russell and her story highlights the difficulties, loneliness and often hilarious world of being an international student in Australia. Kayla eventually graduates as a doctor only to realise that what she wants and what others want for her are worlds apart. When Eva dies tragically in Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 that is shot down over Ukraine, Kayla is inspired to do some soul-searching about the direction her life is taking and make some bold changes.
Kim Ko lives in Melbourne and is a doctor, actress and writer who is currently adapting her novel for screen. This fiction was inspired by true events.
* Publishing and Media kit distribution to local and National Media. * Author-related events posted on Brolga website & social media. * Nation-wide release. * First-time author. * The screenplay is being considered by Netflix and other streaming services for adaption. * Theme is around self-dcsovery in light of life-changing events.
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