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Another Day in Our World


Do you remember Joshua?  He is older now and at school!

Let’s find out how our new school age friends spend their time. Meet Ragi from India, Lu from China and Marco from Italy in ‘Another Day In Our World’ and discover their similarities and differences.

Our world is remarkable and varied. Let’s see it through the eyes of these three active children as they interact with their families and communities in their home countries.  Expand your world with ‘Another Day In our World’! 

Sara Mithen is married to Gerard and is a Mum to two beautiful children, Joshua and Olivia.Sara has two degrees, a Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Commerce (majoring in Insurance and Economics) from Deakin University, Melbourne.  She has a Diploma in Financial Services (Insurance Broking) and works part time in the Professional Indemnity department for an Insurance Brokerage. This is her second Children’s book.  Through writing this book as for ‘One Day In Our World’, she wants children to learn that our world is diverse.  With these seeds planted at a young age, children may grow to have more understanding and tolerance of each other, enabling them to contribute to making the world a happier place. 

* Publishing and Media kit distribution to local and National Media.
* Author-related events posted on Brolga website & social media.
* Nation-wide release.
* The author’s first book. ‘One day in Our World’ was very successful and covered the multi-cultural diversity of Australia.
* Sold well in both general book trade and stocked in schools across Australia.
* Encourages children to understand diversity from a young age
* A fun book with a beautiful learning message that children will carry throughout life.

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