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Zensational Stories

Welcome to the world of 'Crazy Wisdom'

“Zensational Stories” is an unorthodox and rebellious book that offers a commentary on over 100 traditional Zen stories. It examines the very fabric that we base our lives on and looks at life as it is – without getting into philosophical dogmas, religions or faiths. The truth is within you. “Zensational Stories” will motivate and inspire you to realise this for yourself. Read the book – so you can throw the book away and recognise what the words are pointing toward – meditation!

Rahul Karn is an experienced meditator who already has an interested online following. He has published numerous books on Zen.

* Publishing and Media kit distribution to local and National Media.
* Author-related events posted on Brolga website & social media.
* Nation-wide release.
* First-time author.
* Motivational text, inspiring one to live a more thoughtful, zen life.
* Author has an online profile.

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