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Talking Murals

The use of Murals in places where people with dementia live
  • ISBN-13: 9780648678908
  • Publisher: HAMMONDCARE
  • Author: Marshall, Mary
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  • Local release date: 15/11/2019
  • Format: Paperback (180mm X 120mm) 32 pages Weight: 80g
  • Categories: Health & personal development [V]Family & health [VF]Home nursing & caring [VFG]

People living with dementia may experience the design of the built environment differently and so it is important that any
design features or decor are well thought out. Talking Murals explores the potential impact of murals inside spaces where people with dementia live, or may visit. Intended for designers and managers of care homes, day centres, specialist housing units, hospitals and other services, this brief guide covers different ways murals can be used, the issues to consider when installing a mural and the potential benefits and risks to visitors or residents. Talking Murals will help encourage careful consideration before the purchasing or installation of murals, and promote an understanding of some of the ethical challenges of mural design.


Mary Marshall OBE is a Professor Emeritus at the University of Stirling, where she was the director of the Dementia Services
Development Centre for 16 years until 2005. She now writes and lectures about dementia care and dementia design. Mary is a senior consultant with The Dementia Centre HammondCare.

1. Practical guide for when murals might be problematic or beneficial.
2.Intended for designers and managers of care homes, day centres, specialist housing units, hospitals and other services.
3.Helps to promote an understanding of some of the ethical challenges of mural design.

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