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A debut collection of poetry from platinum ARIA accreditated artist Ziggy Alberts, 'brainwaves', explores life's experiences and emotions, inwards and out. Deeply personal, frank, insightful yet relatable, Alberts uncovers his introspective thoughts and lessons learned in conscious and intentional living. Differentiating from his lyrical work, readers can discover some of Alberts' most personal realisations from life at home and on the road. Divided into 4 chapters, each poem entices the next train of thought. Alberts masterfully draws observations of the natural environment to paint his experience of introspective moments. He contemplates modern-day dilemmas, timeless topics of purpose, trust, stillness, and love.
About the author: human being Note from the author: Writing poetry had nothing to do with publishing it. Writing poetry is what music was for me at the very beginning: an outpour. No plan, entirely personal. Poetry is another thoughtfully independent direction that was made possible by my family at Commonfolk Publishing. Looking forward to connecting with you all for the first time, and again.
* Ziggy Alberts is an independent singer-songwriter with a worldwide, grassroots following. Platinum ARIA accredited artist with over 1.4 million monthly listeners, and his last headline tour in Australia (2019) selling 33,000 tickets across 5 shows, Alberts now branches into a written median in the form of poetry. With an established and dedicated following, the announcement of 'brainwaves' is expected to be well received. * His music and public figure alike are loved for the authenticity, vibrancy and relatability. Alberts' honest approach to his writing and stage presence is the core of his success. This mindset is how he fortuitously branched into poetry and will lead him to be an accomplished author in his own right. *Strictly under embargo until 12 November 2020 Alberts announced his highly anticipated forthcoming album due to release 19 March 2021. The announcement was accompanied by his single, 'heartbeat', which gives fans a taste of what is to come. The album has a worldwide marketing campaign spanning 16 weeks before its release. brainwaves out 3 February 2021, complements this new chapter for Alberts as a musician and author. Planned digital marketing spend for the announcement of the book (minimum 2k aud) The announcement of 'brainwaves' has strategically occurred in the height of the pre-order period of Alberts' forthcoming album which has a global focused marketing campaign. The poetry book is tied into the album by subtly showcasing the same illustration on the front cover as seen on the album cover. Plans for instore signing and readings mid-2021 when travel restrictions ease and the forthcoming album has been released.
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