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Smarter Business Stronger Cashflow

How Business Owners can Smash their Cashflow Challenges

If you are a Business Owner with ambitions to get more cash flowing through your business, then the simple changes and ways of working smarter outlined in this book are your ticket to simplicity and Profitability. Smarter Business Stronger Cashflow works with you to change your key business drivers which change your cashflow numbers. The unique step-by-step process shows you how to make quick changes for tangible results. You know you have been successful when you have excess cash in your bank with no nasty surprises, you are sleeping well and not stressing about cashflow. Simply put: You will learn smarter ways to do business.

Paul Roach is a sought-after business strategist and coach who has worked with hundreds of SMEs across many industries to supercharge their cashflow. As a CPA qualified accountant and serial business owner himself, Paul is perfectly placed to educate, train, and develop businesses in the vital area of cashflow. Growing up in a family of business owners was the training ground for Paul to build on his set of skills and experience which give him the ability to consistently get money flowing to the right places for businesses of all sizes. Smarter Business Stronger Cashflow is his first book.

* Written for business owners with ambitions to get more cash flowing through their business. * Unique step by step process shows you how to make quick changes for tangible results. * Learning business smarts to free up existing cashflow stuck in your business. * Mastering how to build stronger cashflow in your busines. * Control the success of your business and stay in the top 5% of businesses that survive and thrive. * Mastering the Key Cashflow Profit Drivers for a smarter business. * Understand the process for safely reducing and eliminating Overheads to develop stronger Cashflow. * Build a “forward looking” Cashflow focus to ride out the “high’s and the low’s” of the marketplace. * Develop the “Cashflow Entrepreneurial Mindset” to maximise the opportunities within the business cycles. *National publicity campaign by Quikmark Media with wide spread coverage across magazines, newspapers, online, radio and TV.

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