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Failure is such a crucial step to success. If you don’t know how to fail, you’ll never be successful.

Let’s get something straight, failure is not this big, bad monster. Failure is a crucial part of life and a precursor to that thing called success. In fact, there are so many great lessons failure teaches us that we can’t afford not to fail. Which is why Ken’s here to help. How to Fail Fantastically offers up 11 steps to failure (well, step 6 is a bit dodgy, and 8 is a tad lazy, mind you, step 4 is a doozy!), that reveal the true value of failure.

This book shows what society thinks failure looks like and what failure really looks like, by giving away some of Failures best kept secrets. Presented in a concise and succinct guide – no waffle, no-one’s life story, just life’s lessons, expressed in a way that every aspiring Creative can grasp.

It’s here at last! A real guide on how to fail, by someone who truly knows his stuff. Ladies and gentlemen, get set to fail fantastically! 

Ken Williams has worked in sales and marketing for over 20 years – from direct selling to writing ad copy for Australia’s leading newspapers. He is the founder of the blog and podcast, Reading with a chance of tacos. Ken’s own writing has appeared in popular magazines, daily newspapers, online publications, children’s books and the corporate sector.  Ken aims to debunk the stigma of Failure. So that people don’t feel worthless, or give up on their dreams. Ken lives in Melbourne with his wife, teenage son and Ruby the Border Collie.

Anna McGregor. When not glued to a computer as a freelance graphic designer, Anna enjoys travel, art and spending quality time with friends and family. Anna also writes and illustrates picture books and junior fiction. She wrote and illustrated Colouroos (Hachette) as her first picture book, and her second picture book is coming in 2020. For more details, you can find Anna at Anna lives in Melbourne, Victoria

* Takes fear out of failure.
* Demonstrates the importance of failure in order to be successful.
* Uses humour to break down the stigma of failure.
* Concise and succinct, easy to use format.
* Essential reading for anyone aspiring to creative success.
* Promotes a strength of character and confidence.
* It breaks Failure down and reveals its true nature.

Campaign: Don’t fear failure. Embrace it!

Why: to take the fear out of failure, debunk the stigma of failure and show failure is indeed a powerful precursor to success.  To help grow a society of resilient, strong, capable human beings. And, to encourage everyone to get out there and have a go!

Marketing Materials
•        Press releases – see attached a copy of press release
•        Blog and podcast tour – April – June 2020 throughout several Art and Personal Development based blogs, my own website and blog (, and blogs that I associate with on a regular basis that target aspiring authors and artists.
•        Reviews – newspapers, trade magazines, blogs, influencer websites
•        Advertorial in newspapers – local and national if possible.
•        Trailer – on personal website, social media outlets.
•        Competitions – in local Leader Newspaper, online sites, social media
•        The Don’t Fear Failure Tour talks – presentations throughout schools, community and business groups to help drive understanding of the role failure plays in true success.
•        Quotes from influencers on social media and newspaper advertorials.
(Each of these to appear on Social Media Channels: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest)


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