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Angus Ant

How I Got My Glasses
Angus Ant is not the favorite member of his ant colony as he is always running around bumping into everyone. One day he runs into the queens guard whom arrest him and and take him before the Queen. The queen orders Angus to have a medical examination to find out what the problem is. Angus is subjected to some medical tests before it is discovered that he has an eye problem. An eye specialist prescribes a set of glasses to take care of his short sightedness. The whole colony, including the queen are delighted with Angus's new aquasition and Angus is finally a happy ant as he is no longer in trouble with the colony.
Born in South Africa, the youngest of 5 children. Moved to Australia with his wife and 2 sons.
* A book to help children cope with the stigma attched to wearing glasses. * A sales tool for eye specialists. * Funny and exciting adventure story that every child can relate to. * First book in a series of 7. * Author is also the illustrator. * Email mailout x 3 monthy campaigns. *Library & school readings (1 per week). * Paid advertising (Good Reading Magazine) starting one month prior to release. * Local newspaper human interest article. * Book trailer promoting bookstore sales. * Social media advertising. * Bookstore launch. * Mini webinars. * Merchandising. * Media release.
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