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Alberto's Adventures

Inca Trail and Machu Picchu
A rhyming interactive storybook to find a lost alpaca at Machu Picchu. Find Alberto as he travels on his first adventure along the Inca trail. Think: Where’s Wally meets Dr Seuss. Allow yourself to be taken away and have fun in a mystery land. Search and find animals from Peru on each page. Navigate Secret mazes. Have fun while learning about Geography and History. This book is entertaining and educational. Spend quality time with your child or keep them busy with hours of interactive fun. Advanced readers can read on their own. This book is challenging for everyone. It will inspire you to travel, learn, read and concentrate. You’ll be all over it like fur on an alpaca.
Sean is a Science Teacher and is fascinated by nature. He has an 11-year-old son and is a big kid at heart. Sean also enjoys doing flying trapeze and juggling. Sean enjoys story telling in all forms. He has been writing stories and poetry his whole life. This book has allowed Sean to combine his love of travel and storytelling to inspire kids to learn about the world around them. Sean uses the timeless appeal of rhythm and rhyme to add zest and humour to the story.
* First in a series of 12 books. * Fun and educational to improve memory and logic. * Read alone or read to by parents. * Additional meatrials, information and activity sheets can be downloaded from author's website. * Email mailout x 3 monthy campaigns. * Library & school readings (1 per week). * Paid advertising (Good Reading Magazine) starting one month prior to release. * Local newspaper human interest article. * Book trailer promoting bookstore sales. * Social media advertising. * Bookstore launch. * Mini webinars. * Merchandising * Media release.
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