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In your marriage, the enemy plans to divide and conquer. But God is stronger! Satan has a vested interest in destroying Christian marriages. Today, more than ever, once happily married couples are falling victim to the enemy's onslaught, crumbling to bitterness, unfaithfulness, and "irreconcilable differences." What was previously a last resort - divorce - has become commonplace, even in the Church. Lindsey Doss and her husband, Casey, have experienced this first-hand. They were a powerful Christian couple, working together as key leaders of The Ramp - one of the most dynamic youth ministries in the world. But gradually, Lindsey bought into the enemy's lies. She left Casey, moved to another city, and prepared to begin a whole new life. On the brink of finalizing the divorce, God supernaturally exposed the lies at the root of their broken relationship, brought her home, and miraculously healed their marriage. Through the journey, Lindsey and Casey learned valuable skills for victory against the enemy on the battlefield of marriage. In this powerful guide, they teach you how to fight for your marriage through God's supernatural power, even if everything feels hopeless. Featuring powerful stories and practical principles, this book will help you discover how to partner with the Holy Spirit in your marriage to achieve healing and wholeness. Discover how: Taking ownership of your choices overcomes the enemy and puts you in a position of victory Having a vision for your marriage gives you the courage to keep fighting when things get tough To approach your marriage as a covenant, not a contract To pray for healing over your marriage To build trust again in another person after unfaithfulness or betrayal Marriage has an enemy, but you have the power to defeat him, embrace hope, and walk together towards victory!
Lindsey Doss lives and leads a full life. She is a loving wife, dedicated mother, compassionate pastor, and prolific author. She and her husband Casey held leadership positions at The Ramp for over fifteen years, and are now the Lead Pastors of Hope Unlimited Church in Knoxville, Tennessee. They have three beautiful children: Analeise, Katie, and Asher.


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