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  • ISBN-13: 9780768461589
  • Publisher: SOUND WISDOM
    Imprint: DESTINY IMAGE
  • Author: Edwards, David
  • Price: AUD $29.99
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  • Local release date: 17/07/2021
  • Format: Paperback 192 pages Weight: 0g
  • Categories: Pentecostal Churches [HRCC96]Christian prayer [HRCR1]Christian spirituality & religious experience [HRCS]Christian life & practice [HRCV]
Mystify invites you into a fantastic story of experiencing the presence of God in the elements of creation. EARTH A House Vibrates and the Ground Shakes WIND The Wind of the Spirit Blows through Gatherings and Stores FIRE Lightning Strikes and a Pillar of Fire Appears WATER A Mist of Rain inside a Building, plus many more... Extraordinary miracles flow as heaven touches earth, setting the table for you to experience creation encounters. PREPARE TO BE MYSTIFIED! "For as long as I have known David, I have admired his hunger to purse the Mysteries of God. In Mystify, he invites readers to do the same." -- BLAKE HEALY, Author of The Veil "I believe this dynamic book will radically transform your destiny with great insight, revelation, and impartation. It's a MUST read!" -- BRIAN GUERIN, Author of God of Wonders
David Edwards is a revivalist who ignites passion for the presence of God and heavenly encounters. David and his bride, Allessia, are the directors of School of Revivalists. Their heart is to mother and father a generation through Kingdom Family. They live in Santa Rosa Beach, FL with their doggy, Rylee.
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