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Sacred Drama

A Spirituality of Christian Liturgy
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Patricia Wilson-Kastner's wonderfully crafted work views the liturgy as a cosmic drama, enacting a sacred meal that grounds us in the universe, draws us into God's creation and redemption, and poses stiff ethical challenges "deep in our bones" to Christians in community. "Liturgy reconnects us with God and with all creation, rekindles in us the vision of the restoration of all in God, and clarifies and nourishes again in us the hope in which we can live now in justice, peace, and love with each other," she says. Though we don't have all the details of this script, we are deeply implicated in the plot. A gifted preacher and writer, and no stranger to church battles, Wilson-Kastner brings a confident faith in the transforming power of worship. Her rich, ecumenically oriented introduction to the liturgy leverages people's great hunger for spirituality and community into deep commitment to justice within church and society.
Patricia Wilson-Kastner was, until her recent death, Rector of St. Ann and the Holy Trinity Episcopal Church in Brooklyn, New York, and a former homiletics professor at General Theological Seminary, New York City.
Prologue: Praying the Liturgy, Each Day and Forever The Liturgy as Sacred Drama: Its Shape and Movement The Shape of the Liturgy Liturgy: What Is It? The Role of the Sermon How Does the Drama Unfold? People, Time, and Space: The Inclusive Community Liturgy: Who, When, Where? Sacred and Profane Liturgical Time Liturgical Space The Word and the World: God's People at Worship and Work Gathering the Baptized Liturgical Greeting and Gathering Liturgical Assembly and Christian Identity The Word of God: Uttering the Dialog Preaching: Incarnational Prayer Preaching: What Do We Expect? Sermon as Liturgical Prayer Preaching and the Transformation of Life Bread for the Journey Eucharist: Communion and Community The Sacrificial Meal: The Symbolic Action The Sacrificial Meal: What Is It? Eucharistic Prayer: The Dramatic Elements The World Becoming Itself: Liturgy and the Future Eucharist and the Eschatological Ideal What Does God Want the World to Become? Hope for the Future
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