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New Creation

Elements of a Liturgical Worldview
  • ISBN-13: 9780800632359
  • Publisher: 1517 MEDIA
  • By Frank C. Senn
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  • Local release date: 01/08/2000
  • Format: Paperback (216.00mm X 152.00mm) 116 pages Weight: 0g
  • Categories: Christian liturgy, prayerbooks & hymnals [HRCL]
Although the twentieth century witnessed a thorough liturgical revival and renewal, the last ten years exploded in diverse and conflicting styles, settings, and even media of corporate worship: traditional "high-church" liturgies, alternative worship for small communities, "women church" services, seeker services at megachurches, and more. Does this innovation portend a brave new liturgical world, or is it just "dumbing down?" For example, do megachurch services simply revive the old frontier revival and, in an effort to "reach out," accommodate Christianity to the reigning consumer culture?One of today's most knowledgeable liturgical theologians and historians contemplates the future shape of liturgy. He believes that ritual systems-liturgyexpress and inculcate a worldview, an implicit theology; and, he fears "lest the community of faith gain the whole world and lose its soul." New Creation proposes the lines of a "Christian culture" or worldview, or way of life, that can inform liturgical renewal. Twelve erudite and earnest chapters further specify this counter-cultural matrix as it pertains to God, Christ, church, creation, world, worship, hospitality, culture, evangelism, prayer, and life itself.
Frank C. Senn is a retired Lutheran pastor and visiting professor. He is a past president the North American Academy of Liturgy. His previous books from Fortress Press include Christian Liturgy: Catholic and Evangelical (1997), New Creation: A Liturgical Worldview (2000), The People's Work: A Social History of the Liturgy (2010), and Introduction to Christian Liturgy (2012).
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