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John Devoy's Catalpa Expedition

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The story of John Devoy's 1876 Catalpa rescue is a tale of heroism, creativity, and the triumph of independent spirit in pursuit of freedom. The daily log on board the whaling ship Catalpa begins with the typical recount of a crew intact and a spirit unfettered, but such quiet words deceive the truth of the audacious enterprise that came to be known as one of the most important rescues in Irish American history. John Devoy's men rescued six Irish political prisoners from the Australian coast, allowing millions of fellow Irishmen and American-Fenians, many of whom secretly financed the dangerous plot, to draw courage from the newly exiled prisoners.Philip Fennell and Marie King tell the story from John Devoy's own records and the ship's logbooks. John Devoy's Catalpa Expedition includes an introduction by Terry Golway and the personal diaries, letters, and reports from John Devoy and his men.
Foreword by Martin Kevin CusackIntroduction by Terry Golway AcknowledgmentsAbbreviations Editors' PrologueEditors' Note Chapters I-XIVEditors' Epilogue Appendix A: Letters from James Wilson Appendix B: From the Report of the Eighth Annual [Clan-na-Gael]Convention, Cleveland, Ohio, September 4, 1877Appendix C: Dramatis Personae Sources Index About the Editors
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