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Creole Religions of the Caribbean

An Introduction from Vodou and Santeria to Obeah and Espiritismo
  • ISBN-13: 9780814762288
  • Author: Fernandez Olmos, Margarite; Paravisini-Gebert, Lizabeth; Mur
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  • Local release date: 10/08/2011
  • Format: Paperback (229.00mm X 152.00mm) 324 pages Weight: 32g
  • Categories: History of religion [HRAX]Other non-Christian religions [HRK]Caribbean islands [1KJ]
Table of
Creolization-the coming together of diverse beliefs and practices to form new beliefs and practices-is one of the most significant phenomena in Caribbean religious history. Brought together in the crucible of the sugar plantation, Caribbean peoples drew on the variants of Christianity brought by European colonizers, as well as on African religious and healing traditions and the remnants of Amerindian practices, to fashion new systems of belief. Creole Religions of the Caribbean offers a comprehensive introduction to the syncretic religions that have developed in the region. From Vodou, Santeria, Regla de Palo, the Abakua Secret Society, and Obeah to Quimbois and Espiritismo, the volume traces the historical-cultural origins of the major Creole religions, as well as the newer traditions such as Pocomania and Rastafarianism. This second edition updates the scholarship on the religions themselves and also expands the regional considerations of the Diaspora to the U. S. Latino community who are influenced by Creole spiritual practices. Fernandez Olmos and Paravisini-Gebert also take into account the increased significance of material culture-art, music, literature-and healing practices influenced by Creole religions. In the Religion, Race, and Ethnicity series
Acknowledgments Preface to the First Edition Preface to the Second Edition Foreword Joseph M. Murphy, Georgetown University Introduction 1 Historical Background 2 The Orisha Tradition in Cuba: Santeria/Regla de Ocha 3 The Afro-Cuban Religious Traditions of Regla de Palo and the Abakua Secret Society 4 Haitian Vodou 5 Obeah, Myal, and Quimbois 6 Rastafarianism 7 Espiritismo: Creole Spiritism in Cuba, Puerto Rico, and the United States Glossary Notes Works Cited Index About the Authors
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