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Sports Matters

Race, Recreation, and Culture
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Frederick Douglass liked to say of West Indian boxer Peter Jackson that "Peter is doing a great deal with his fists to solve the Negro question." His comment reflects the possibilities for social transformation that he saw in the emerging modern sports culture. Indeed, as the twentieth century developed, sports have become an important cultural terrain over which various racial groups have contested, defined, and represented their racial, national, and inter-ethnic identities. Sports Matters brings critical attention to the centrality of race within the politics and pleasures of the massive sports culture that developed in the U.S. during the past century and a half. The contributors collected here address such issues as popular representations of blacks in sports. They consider baseball--from Nisei players in Oregon to Mexican-Americans in Los Angeles. And they look at the use of warrior imagery in representations of Native American athletes and the evolution of black expressive style within basketball. Sports Matters challenges our presumptions about sports, illuminating in the process the complexities of race and gender as they relate to popular culture. Contributors include Amy Bass, John Bloom, Annie Gilbert Coleman, Gena Caponi, Montye Fuse, Randy Hanson, Michiko Hase, George Lipsitz, Keith Miller, Sharon O'Brien, Connie Razza, Sam Regalado, Greg Rodriguez, Julio Rodriguez, Michael Willard, and Henry Yu.
I Sports in the Era of Segregation 1 Duke Kahanamoku's Body 2 Jump for Joy 3 Baseball along the Columbia 4 Mexican American Baseball II Sports in the Era of the Civil Rights Movement 5 Jazzing the Basepaths 6 The Unbearable Whiteness of Skiing 7 "We Want a Pennant, Not a White Team" 8 Whose Broad Stripes and Bright Stars? 9 Documenting Myth III Sports and Race in the Post-Cold War Era 10 The Silence of the Rams 11 Warriors and Thieves 12 Running with Her Head Down 13 Saving Face, Place, and Race 14 Race in Soccer as a Global Sport 15 Tiger Woods at the Center of History
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