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Transitioning Into Hospital Based Practice

A Guide for Nurse Practitioners and Administrators
  • ISBN-13: 9780826157324
  • Author: Bahouth, Mona N
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  • Local release date: 11/01/2013
  • Format: Paperback (1.00mm X 1.00mm) 350 pages Weight: 360g
  • Categories: Reference works [GBC]Nursing management & leadership [MQCZ]
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This is the first text to guide both NPs and administrators in successfully implementing NP practice in hospitals. Practical and concise, it helps NPs to define their new roles and facilitates their transition to the domain of a hospital-based nurse practitioner. Nurse administrators and CNOs will benefit from the book's examination of how to best integrate nurse practitioners into hospital-based settings. Incorporating the practical wisdom of national NP experts, this resource/reference manual addresses the planning, implementation and evaluation process as well as the key factors that are critical to the success of the individual NP-recruitment, orientation, mentoring, and professional development. It is the commitment to this mutual success that sets this book apart from any other text on this subject and makes it a valuable asset for the classroom, practicing NPs, and administrators alike. Key Features: Provides concrete strategies for the NP and Administrator that support the transition from clinic to hospital-based APN practice Addresses a growing need for role identification and integration of the NP role into the hospital setting Covers the planning, implementation, and evaluation process of the hospital-based NP Focuses on the improvement of patient outcomes and cost reduction Written by national NP experts
Preface Part I - Embracing Transition: A Guide for Nurse Practitioners - Part Introduction Chapter 1) Transitioning into Hospital-based practice for the NP Chapter 2) Transitioning the NP into the Organization Chapter 3) Measuring Progress of NP Practice within the Hospital Setting PART II Framing the Innovation: Developing the NP role in the hospital - Part Introduction Chapter 4) Integrating NP Role Using the Diffusion of Innovation Model Chapter 5) Shaping the NP Role: Societal, political & economic forces Chapter 6) Assessing NP Role impact on the Organization PART III -Implementing Hospital-based NP Practice: A Guide for Administrators - Part Introduction Chapter 7) Developing a Strategic Business Plan for NP Role Integration: Congruency with Mission & Objectives Chapter 8) Identifying Key Components of the NP Role Integration into Organizations Chapter 9) Integrating the NP Role into Organizations Chapter 10) What Does Successful Integration Look Like? Part IV - Reinforcing, Measuring & Sustaining Success: Integrating the Models - Part Introduction Chapter 11) Measuring Organizational Success Chapter 12) Measuring Practitioner Success Chapter 13) Re-evaluating and Identifying Opportunities for Refinement Chapter 14) Sustaining Success
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