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101 Careers in Education

This unique book features the expertise of father-and-son educators who bring together a wealth of diverse knowledge about the abundance of potential careers in education. While most people associate education careers with classroom teachers or school principals, this rewarding area of work offers one of the most diverse employment fields. Written by professionals with real-world knowledge of the profession, this information-packed guide provides the career explorer with concise information on the necessary skills, training, certification/licensure, compensation and employment outlook for each career covered. The editors also provide an overview and guide to self-assessment that helps readers to learn about those careers that best match their interests and temperament. The guide describes careers in education that range from working with very young children to adults in organisational settings. It discusses careers suitable for those who enjoy working with people as well as careers for individuals who are more comfortable working with information or ideas. A particularly useful feature of the book is information about alternative paths to working in education for those with degrees in related service professions. Careers in K-12 settings are organised according to a Response to Intervention (RTI) framework and are thus listed by developmental and learner age levels. Careers outside of traditional settings include administrator, work in higher education, adult education, independent educator and community-based educational services. Special attention is paid to positions in educational technology, one of education's fastest-growing careers.
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