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9780844737362 Add to Cart Academic Inspection Copy

This Hemisphere of Liberty

A Philosophy of the Americas
  • ISBN-13: 9780844737362
    Imprint: AEI PRESS
  • Author: Novak, Michael
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  • Local release date: 27/10/1992
  • Format: Paperback (238.00mm X 156.00mm) 154 pages Weight: 258g
  • Categories: History of ideas [JFCX]Political science & theory [JPA]
As nations undergo radical transformation in every quarter of the world, we have a greater need than ever before to re-examine the sources of strength and weakness in our political, social and economic institutions. This book explores fundamental questions of wealth and poverty, of freedom and responsibility, and traces our ideas about them to their sources in Aristotle, Aquinas, and the Judeo-Christian tradition. Novak shows how an understanding of these sources can liberate human potential for creativity, reinvigorate our institutions and lay the foundations for economic progress. Special attention is given to the roots of Latin America's problems of debt, capital flight, and poverty in its religious and philosophical outlook.
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