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    The Water-Efficient Gardener

    How to plan, landscape and grow in very wet, very dry or changeable weat
    For some gardeners, every drop of water is precious, while others could do with a little less. There are even a surprising number of people whose gardens vary from very wet to very dry throughout the year. The Water-Efficient Gardener is an invaluable book for anyone who wants to be a water-wise gardener, whether because of weather conditions or because they are environmentally conscious. Broken down into simple sections for easy navigation, this book will take you through: Water conservation and why it is important Mulching and soil preparation Ways of reducing water usage around the garden Landscaping and garden design Planning for dry conditions Planning with floods in mind Limiting water damage Choosing the right plants This book is a must-read for gardeners in any climate, helping you to get your garden to flourish while managing your water usage.
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