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Ground Truth

The Social Implications of Geographic Information Systems
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This text addresses the impact GIS is having in our social organization and the ways in which GIS is transforming how we think about the discipline of geography. examining the new technologies for gathering, analyzing and mapping geographic data, the author addresses issues about the use of GIS in research, technology, power, democratization and the changing visions of what constitutes market, territory and Empire.
J. Pickles, Representations in an Electronic Age: Geography, GIS and Democracy. M.F. Goodchild, GIS and Geographic Research. P.J. Taylor, R.J. Johnston, GIS and Geography. M.R. Curry, Geographic Information Systems and the Inevitability of Ethical Inconsistency. H. Veregin, Computer Innovation and Adoption in Geography: A Critique of Conventional Technological Models. P.H. McHaffe, Manufacturing Metaphors: Public Cartography, the Market and Democracy. J. Goss, Marketing the New Marketing: The Strategic Discourse of Geodemographic Information Systems. S.M. Roberts, R. H. Schein, Earth Shattering: Global Imagery and GIS. T.M. Harris, et al, Pursuing Social Goals Through Participatory GIS? Redressing South Africa's Historical Political Ecology. J. Pickles, Conclusion: Towards an Economy of Electronic Representation and the Virtual Sign.
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