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Openness Mind

In Openness Mind, Tarthang Tulku approaches meditation as a way of opening our minds to the richness of experience. This book emphasizes a practical approach that anyone can apply to develop awareness, transcend the limitations of self-image, improve concentration, and effect positive changes in their way of being. Includes teachings on Dream Yoga, levels of consciousness, working with emotions, love and compassion, and the inner meaning of taking refuge . In simple, clear language, without Buddhist technical terms, Openness Mind offers gentle guidance for more rewarding ways of living and using our mind.
Tarthang Tulku, Rinpoche is Tibetan lama born in Golok, in Eastern Tibet. He left Tibet for exile in India in 1958. While a refugee in India Rinpoche taught at Sanskrit University, Varanasi, and began reprinting endangered Tibetan texts. In 1968 he moved to the United States where he has lived and worked ever since. Rinpoche has founded more than 20 organizations, preserving and promoting Buddhist wisdom both in Asia and in the West. Tarthang Tulku is the author of more than two dozen books, including Gesture of Balance; Time, Space, and Knowledge- A New Vision of Reality; Kum Nye Tibetan Yoga; Skillful Means, Revelations of Mind, and Caring.
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