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Symply Too Good To Be True Book 3


Overweight and obesity related health concerns are at an all-time high in Australia, placing increased burden on our strained public health system. People are desperate for a solution to lose weight that provides long-term results; and doesn’t mean living off grilled fish and salad.
The recipes contained in the pages of Symply Too Good To Be True book 3 are both healthy and delicious, which means never missing out on the food you love.
Annette has taken traditionally high-fat family favourite recipes and converted them into healthy options, often with a tenth of the fat. Recipes are suitable for the whole family, so no more cooking separate meals.
For example, in this book Annette has converted a traditional Chicken Laksa, usually 35g of fat per serve, to just 4.2g of fat. Baked Cheesecake around 55g of fat per serve, Annette’s recipe is 4.3g of fat. Mud Cake, usually 49g of fat per serve, is now just 7.1g of fat.
First launched in 2001, this cookbook is still a firm seller.  The longevity of the Symply Too Good To Be True series can be attributed to the variety of recipes included that are usually off limits to those on a weight loss journey.
While many fad diets have come and gone, Annette’s recipes have stood the test of time, and the results speak for themselves. “My wife bought me your cookbooks after I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Since then, I have lost (and kept off) 16 kilos, and my diabetes is under control without drugs. Annette’s ‘symple’, common-sense dietary advice, tasty recipes and cooking tips have made a huge contribution to my success. Now my daughter is using the recipes, not because she has to, but because she loves the food.” Robin Shaw - Adelaide, South Australia.
The Symply Too Good To Be True series are not coffee table cookbooks; they’re intended to be used daily. There’s no fancy, hard to find ingredients - all ingredients are readily available in supermarkets, and the recipes are quick and easy to prepare, which is important in this time poor world.
A generation has already grown up eating these family-friendly recipes and now the next generation are seeking out these cookbooks. 

Annette Sym is Australia’s award-winning, number one low-fat cookbook author and Australia’s favourite weight loss mentor, having self-published and sold over 4 million cookbooks.
She once weighed 100 kilos and getting fatter with every fad diet she tried. A decision to give up dieting and become a healthy person helped her lose 35 kilos and she has been in her healthy weight range since 1993.
Annette is highly motivated and passionate about helping others attain a healthier and happier quality of life. She consistently provides support in varying levels to those on a weight loss plan – through her cookbooks, Breakfast Shakes, mentoring program, newsletter, social media and weekly Facebook Live cooking show that’s been airing since April 2017.
Her persistent drive and determination have been a huge contributor to the ongoing success of her brand; her cookbooks have been the number one low-fat cookbooks in Australia since the launch of book 1 in 1997.

1. Symply Too Good To Be True BOOK 3 offers a glimpse into Annette’s life as a chubby child, cuddly teenager, buxom bride, obese adult and finally her transformation to a healthy person and what she learnt along the way. There’s also tips for low-fat cooking and two bonus sections filled with quick breakfasts and super pasta sauces. Over 150 delicious healthy recipes; many main meals have protein variations and vegetarian options.
2. 23 years of brand equity and over 4 million low-fat cookbooks sold has built an engaged community of 24K newsletter subscribers and 22K Facebook fans. The weekly Facebook Live cooking show has a loyal following. All eight cookbooks are best-sellers.
3. Complete series revamp in 2017 affords the same great recipes with a fresh new presentation style. Each recipe includes full colour image, difficulty rating, step-by-step method, full nutritional panel, freezing guide and dietitian’s tip.
4. Series author, Annette Sym, once weighed 100 kilos. A decision to give up dieting, and become a healthy person, helped her lose 35 kilos and maintain her healthy weight since 1993. She has used what she learnt to help thousands of people attain a healthier and happier quality of life. Annette is very relatable to her target market as she was once where they are, which inspires and motivates them to use the Symply Too Good To Be True cookbooks to lose and then maintain their healthy weight.
5. Most consumers don’t just buy one of these cookbooks, they buy them all. The full set has consistently been the highest selling product on the Symply Too Good To Be True website for the last 10 years; and it’s not discounted for the full set. We’ve never discounted these cookbooks as we believe it would devalue the brand.
6. Australia’s No. 1 low fat cookbook series, Symply Too Good To Be True, is ideal for weight loss, good health, diabetes, cholesterol and heart health. Often recommended by doctors, dietitians, nutritionists to combat obesity and lifestyle related diseases. Recipes are also family friendly.

> Email marketing – 24K subscribers with a 30% open rate
> Facebook Page – 22K engaged fans – posts to promote stockists
> Thursdays with Annette, Facebook Live Cooking Show – Annette will promote stockists
> Instagram – 2.1K fans - posts to promote stockists
> Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns to promote new stockists by area
> Website – 92K visitors in the past 12 months, 77% new visitors (list of stockists will be included on website as available)
> Word of mouth – 23 years of brand equity makes word of mouth a powerful ally when announcements are made
> Annette is a regular on radio in Queensland and New South Wales
> Annette is available for interview and is open to possible instore cooking demonstrations and book signings for stockists on application

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