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Boys, Boys, Boys (DVD)

Understanding, Nurturing and Connection to Today's Boys
  • ISBN-13: 9780975125854
  • Author: Dent, Maggie
  • Price: AUD $30.00
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  • Local release date: 25/02/2014
  • Format: DVD (190mm X 135mm) Weight: 80g
  • Categories: Advice on parenting [VFX]

In this DVD of her seminar of the same name, popular Australian parenting author, speaker, educator, counsellor and mother of four sons Maggie Dent gives us wonderful information and insights into how to better understand, nurture and connect with our boys. Research indicates that boys are 75% more likely than girls to go to prison, die or be injured in a car accident, fail school, suicide and more. She believes if we can better understand the differences between boys and girls development, the way boys communicate, and what our boys need, we can turn these statistics around. With a major focus on early years (0-5), the seminar also focuses on boys in adolescence. Maggie is a self-confessed boy champion and her mission is to make a profound difference in the lives of our boys. If you are a parent, carer or educator of sons, you will gain practical tips, insights, information and inspiration to help shape our boys so that they grow into happy, healthy men.

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