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Collective Wisdom (New Edition)

Prominent Australians on Success and the Future
Collective Wisdom is a compilation of interviews undertaken face-to-face in 1998 with 34 Australian achievers including former Prime Ministers, Peter Brock, Gerry Harvey, Poppy King, Ray Martin, Imelda Roche and many others. Searching not only for clues to their success but also their wisdom. Brett Kelly asked 12 questions and their answers, though sometimes shocking, are always interesting. It is enlightening to understand how some in our society have achieved great goals and how they think through issues that are of national concern.
Author of best-selling book Universal Wisdom, Brett Kelly has received a number of awards for his work. Brett is intensely interested in people from all walks of life and has presented to more than 150,000 people nationally, is a voracious reader and research, and enjoys travel and sport.
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