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Australia H/C

Our Island Paradise
  • ISBN-13: 9780980834314
  • Author: Duncan, Ken
  • Price: AUD $49.95
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  • Local release date: 06/10/2011
  • Format: Hardback (240mm X 298mm) 168 pages Weight: 1460g
  • Categories: Photographs: collections [AJC]
Australia is still largely a frontier land with a relatively small population compared to many other countries. Our people are resourceful - always willing to have a go. Fewer people means less interference from other adventurers while waiting for those stunning sunrises and sunsets our big skies are renowned for. Australia is diverse in its landscape. We have rainforest, desert, ancient forests, pristine wilderness, Antarctic territories, every sort of beach you can imagine and a whole lot more. Although we enjoy plenty of sunshine, we do have a variety of weather. We can have rain, floods and cyclones in one area while in another part of the country people are dealing with scorching heat, drought and bush fires. But no matter what nature throws at us, we always pull through for adversity seems to bring out the best of the true blue Aussie character. When we stand united, anything is possible. AUSTRALIA - Our Island Paradise contains 110 stunning Australian images by Ken Duncan - Australia's foremost landscape photographer. Complimented by introductory stories of each state describing the extreme diversity of this unique continent Ken invites the reader to walk in our Great South Land where new discoveries still abound. Featuring eight gatefolds of Ken's 5:1 images at almost 1-meter wide, AUSTRALIA - Our Island Paradise also includes technical details of all the images plus additional information on the Cameras used by Ken.
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