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Digital Dating, DM Disasters & Love Stories

Grip onto your love seat and get ready for a heart racing ride of your life, with Andis 7th book, as she uncovers the world of digital dating via social media! Andi is Australia’s leading wellness expert presenter, and this book takes you back to where she began as a TV host on a national dating game show; Shopping For Love, where she is used to playing the role of cupid. This research will help you understand the modern dating culture and netiquette in our tech world, as Andi took 4 years to research and go undercover to bring you a hilarious insight into how we now connect. She brings you real life stories on how we find love; by sliding into DMs, going on liking sprees and using emojis to flirt on apps! #instalovers will help you turn texts into dates as you will discover how to swipe right for more than one night. Gasp one minute and laugh the next, this is for loved up folk who want to hear entertaining stories, or for singles who need to learn how to weed out the weirdos, before getting on line? Her romantic recipes will help increase your libido and win over your match with love fueling food. Director of marketing at Tinder writes in her foreword: "In the constantly evolving landscape that is modern dating, Andi shares with us her refreshingly honest and accurate opinion. Whether its nutritional recipes or safety solutions, Andi covers it all, but there is more than just perfecting your swipe game here! And helps educate us on how to be a better version of ourselves too. She teaches you how to market yourself and her writing is raw, honest and definitely on the pulse!" Others say "OMG this cake tastes like sex! Sacha Plumbridge, fashion designer. Andi is an accomplished TV presenter and is a regular on morning shows in the U.S and Australia. Her ability to see cultural trends and communicate them in an informative and entertaining way will have you compelled keep reading and not put this book down. She covers an expansive range of new and exciting ways of communicating properly and safely on line.

Andi Lew is a well respected health professional, certified Food, Lifestyle and Wellness Coach and a renowned TV presenter, having hosted many lifestyle and dating shows. She has written 6 books, ofn which 5 are self published under Heart to Heart Publishing and 3 of those are best sellers. Eat Fat Be Thin appeared on the Today Show and within hours it became a best seller. Readers asked for another. She wrote Eat Fat Be Lean and launched it 6 months later, which also became a best seller. Now Andi is a regular on US TV shows as a wellness expert and is an excellent provider of current and relevant, entertining content. Together, with her PR team, they work hard securing publicity at every launch and she secures shows with ease, as producers know her ability to deliver.

An honest, current and raw insight to the social media dating apps world of how we now connect. Foreword by director of marketing; Tinder. Best selling author - 6 books total. Wellness Expert & TV presenter

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