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The Owner's Guide to the Teenage Brain

2nd Edition
  • ISBN-13: 9780992355883
  • Publisher: DEREK PUGH
    Imprint: DEREK PUGH
  • Author: Pugh, Derek
  • Price: AUD $24.99
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  • Local release date: 31/05/2017
  • Format: Paperback 188 pages Weight: 0g
  • Categories: Social issues (Children's / Teenage) [YXZ]
"This book is for teenagers and anyone who knows one..." "If you only buy one survival guide for the teenage years, make it this one..." "This book [is] accessible, entertaining, humorous, and equally helpful to parents and teachers" This updated second edition of The Owner's Guide to the Teenage Brain tells us why 'we are as we are' in the teenage years. It shows teenagers how to get the most out of these years, helps parents understand and provides tips for parents on coping with their sons and daughters as they move towards adulthood. Knowledge is power. Teenagers who take that power will cope better with the exciting changes and challenges that face them.
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