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Namaste Diary

Poems & Photographs, Book 1
NAMASTE involves a recognition of the Oneness of forms of art. These are simply aspects of the One. Each moment is really a point from which to view...this and all worlds.
Helen Lambert was born in 1947 in Epping, and raised in the Hills District, at a time when it was still the province of sheep and cows. In 1964 she joined The Theosophical Society, later becoming a Life Member. After graduating from Sydney University with a degree in Veterinary Science, she worked as a Vet Surgeon and Physician, before undertaking an 18 month, epic journey across three continents. She travelled extensively in North America and the UK, then found herself in Israel, where she worked on a Kibbutz and on an archaeological dig. She returned to Australia overland, through Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan and India – a hazardous undertaking in those early days. Once back home, she undertook a second degree, this time in Archaeology and Islamic Studies, then spent seven years living in an ashram at The Manor in Mosman, where she pursued her interest in religions. She then worked for the RSPCA, before settling on a career in TAFE.
* A gift book to ponder and savour. Author has following in the Blue Mountains. * Reviews and local launches Katoomba and Blackheath.
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